There’s also a P201,000 ‘base variant’ for all you cheapskates out there
Bentley is celebrating a big birthday this year. And this is (part of) how it's doing it. With a book. A really big one, created with "specialist luxury book publisher" Opus, featuring nine chapters and more than 800 pages.The Bentley
Including a chapter on motoring
We Filipinos make the wittiest and funniest signs--either by design or by mistake--in the world. From the old \"Basta Driver, Sweet Lover\" quote to the hilarious \"Facebool\" spoof on a pedicab selling fishballs, we never seem to run out of
Not really for kids
Obviously, this little book's title is tongue-in-cheek. And yet it professes a very simple truth, too, because as the first entry states: "Mechanics don't read instructions; they know how to do it already."The Mechanic's True Handbook
Perfect for the automotive geek
It's not always easy shopping for a Christmas gift, especially if the recipient flat-out adores cars. So, what to give the automobile-crazy friend/officemate/relative/significant other? Car air freshener? Too cheap. A set of tires? Too expensive. A
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