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Bosch wants to help make PH roads safer through tech
Avoid these pitfalls
If you're reading this website, then we (hopefully) shouldn't have to tell you about how important proper car maintenance is. The battery is one of the core things you should keep an eye on, since it keeps your car's
Post-accident procedure made easy
Those of you who've been involved in road accidents know how much of a headache-both literally and figuratively-they can be. Even minor fender benders can turn into a huge pain in the ass afterward if you're not familiar
A great safety feature
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. When a collision happens between a car and a motorcycle, chances are that it's the latter who gets the worst of it. Motorcycles,
PH actually ranks second-lowest
They say there are approximately 63,000 reported deaths from road traffic accidents each year in ASEAN member countries. That's a lot, right? Well, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are actually around 117,000 deaths if you account
We'd be happy if it can help us do errands
Over recent years, it's become more and more apparent that connectivity will be one of the driving factors in future transportation. But could the day arrive when we're so connected to our cars that we begin considering them personal assistants?
Self-driving included
The classic film Back to the Future might have predicted a world where we don't need roads, but if current trends are anything to go by, pavements will still play a part in how our cars move around. The difference is
Better performance, less fuel
We're sure that many of you are familiar with the BMW M4 GTS and its 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbocharged mill. As we mentioned last year, the car's engine features a revolutionary water-injection system, which raises its performance
Business hub to open in Cagayan De Oro
Bosch Philippines announced in a press conference earlier today that it had opened 30 new car service and diesel centers in the country over the course of 2015. This was in line with the German company's initiative to sustain growth in
Teaching your car to park itself
The name Bosch has been around for quite a while now. Most of you might recall the brand for its horns and spark plugs. But did you know that the German marque has also been hard at work on mobility solutions for
Have you ever had a road kill?
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.We're sure that more than a handful of our readers have gone through the unfortunate experience of hitting or running over an animal
Strong performance in auto sector
Bosch Philippines recently held a press conference to announce the 20th anniversary of its Manila office, as well as to announce strong growth over the past fiscal year.Known for being a giant in the field of automotive systems, the German company
Wiper arms with integrated washer nozzles
The Volvo XC90 is equipped as standard with the latest innovation to windshield wipers, courtesy of automotive spare parts manufacturer Bosch, and it's called the Jet Wiper system.The Jet Wiper system is an innovative wiper arm fitted with spray nozzles,
What is it exactly?
Malabon Diesel, which has the distinction of being the pioneer Bosch Diesel Center in the Philippines, adds another notch to its belt after having recently been certified as the first Bosch Diesel Cleanroom in the country as well.According to Bosch, common-
When might this happen in PH?
Effective November 1, 2014, the electronic stability program is mandatory for all newly registered passenger cars and light commercial vehicles of up to 3.5 tons in the European Union. For all other vehicles, the regulation will take effect a year later.
Second one to open soon in Cavite
Bosch Philippines and Chevron Philippines have opened the very first Caltex Bosch Car Service workshop located at a Caltex service station.Located on A. Santos Avenue in Parañaque, the first Caltex Bosch Car Service workshop is a fully equipped workshop with
After 11% improvement in 2012
Bosch Philippines is eyeing a double-digit growth for its automotive aftermarket business in 2013, following the 11% growth it registered in 2012.What Bosch Philippines expects to buoy its sales for 2013 is its recent opening of its first business hub
From internal combustion engines to CNG systems
Bosch, one of the world\'s major suppliers of automotive technology and services, is confident that the European Union\'s 2020 fleet emissions target \"of 95g of CO2 per kilometer is technically feasible.\"\"We are working on innovative solutions with the aim
For the second straight year
Business magazine Fortune has recognized Bosch as the world's "most admired motor vehicle parts supplier." The recognition was given after Bosch ranked first in all nine of its reputation criteria--innovation, people management, use of assets, social responsibility, management quality, financial
11.3-percent sales growth in 2011
Bosch Philippines ended 2011 with a 28.7-percent growth over the previous year with posted sales at $23.8 million, making it the fourth biggest contributor to parent company Bosch Group's 11.3-percent sales increase in the region last
According to a US-based business magazine
Bosch has been named by United States-based business magazine Fortune as the most admired motor-vehicle-parts supplier in the world based on the responses of 3,855 executives, directors and analysts at 698 companies from 58 industries and 32 countries.
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