Slim pickings?
Unless you've been living under a rock since the beginning of the year, you probably know that the country's automotive landscape has changed quite a bit since we rang in 2018.This is largely due to the implementation of the
What are those vehicles?
Zero percent. Are there any two words more enticing to a potential car buyer (or any buyer for that matter)? We think not. The good news is that Volkswagen Philippines are throwing those two words around like crazy this October. Three cars,
Looking for flexibility in car financing?
Anyone here looking for a new ride? Are you worried about finding the right deal for you? Well, BPI is back with BPI Auto Madness, offering car buyers killer deals, special loan rates, and free comprehensive insurance on over 500 select vehicle
Good until October 17, 2015
One of the biggest hurdles facing Uber use in our country is its mode of payment. Rides using Uber are paid via credit card. No cash changes hands, and you are billed after every ride. We've gotten home using Uber with
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BPI Family Auto Loan is now offering a promo called "Bagong Kotse, 1 Month Libre." If this straightforward promo title still leaves you puzzled, let's break it down for you.The promo entitles car buyers a free one-month amortization when
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Since car owners regularly fuel up their vehicles, they might as well benefit from the expected purchase by availing of loyalty cards. BPI Family Auto Loan is now offering such a card.If you successfully secure a car loan through the bank
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