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A bespoke garment designed by renowned Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons
Engine output north of 1,900hp, 0-100kph runs in under 3sec, and up to 200kph in 6sec. What else do you get when you shell out £2.4 million (P168 million) for the Lotus Evija?Apart from bragging rights that you
Plus a bunch of other goodies
If you liked Nissan's sleek new logo, then chances are you'll like the carmaker's new brand merch, too. Nissan just dropped its newest collections, and we've already gone ahead and added these to our Christmas wishlists.The first
These items are available online or through the brand’s official retail stores
As bad as 2020 has been, a lot of are still looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. We won't be able to host any grand celebrations (because COVID-19), but that doesn't mean we can't give out Christmas
In case you’d care for some streetwear sporting Lamborghini’s logo and colors
Gearheads and supercar enthusiasts who are particularly fond of hypebeast streetwear will be thrilled to know that Italian carmaker Lamborghini and global streetwear brand Supreme have teamed up and released a new collection for 2020."Lamborghini recognizes a spirit and dynamism in
Highlighting the collection are some sneakers, of course
Puma and Porsche's collaboration has yet again produced a new set of merch that surely looks enticing for both gearheads and sneakerheads alike. Introducing the Porsche Legacy collection.The said collection contains apparel and footwear inspired by the Porsche 911 Turbo.
It's a price we pay gladly
Going to the biennial Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) is an expensive proposition in itself (airfare, hotel, food, Don Quijote), but at the show, you'll also merchandise for sale in the various booths. These items range from smartphone cases and keychains to
*Sadly, it's still a prototype
Meet Miimo, Honda's wonderful and rather cutesy autonomous lawnmower. Introduced in 2013, over the last few years many Miimos have been scampering around gardens, cutting grass and trying not to capsize into flower beds.To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Honda'
This is actually how the company started
Despite having officially been in our market for a few years now, Peugeot is still a car brand not too many people are familiar with. This is a situation Glen Dasig, the new president of Peugeot Philippines, is trying to rectify. In
Perfect holiday presents for the cool and stylish
With just two months to go before Christmas, all of us will soon be rushing to the malls to get our loved ones a gift or two. With an endless stream of products being foisted on us on an almost daily basis,
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