And these are mostly good vehicles
Buying a brand-new car is no easy task. Forking over the down payment and committing to a monthly installment for a few years is a big step, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Luckily, getting a car is actually
Meet the brand's latest entry-level car
Even before the boom of low-cost cars in Southeast Asia, this segment has been one of the biggest and probably one of the most important in India. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor India, which also export cars to our country, are
We meet the Toyota for everyone
Not everyone can afford a Toyota 86, let alone a Land Cruiser. Nor can too many people afford an Altis, or even a Vios. For the entry-level price point, which has been dominated by the value leader Mitsubishi Mirage, Toyota has
For just P388,000, to be exact
When you hear that a car is being sold for less than P400,000, your automatic assumption is that the unit is secondhand, right? Or Chinese, if you\'re being honest. Now, if someone told you that a brand-new Japanese car
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