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It's actually tolerable if you leave your brain in Cybertron
The high point of the Transformers franchise was a decade ago. In the first movie, Optimus Prime lays out his plan to stop Megatron by sacrificing himself using the AllSpark. In Peter Cullen's iconic voice, Prime says: "It's been an
Ready to battle the Ford Mustang
Like the Coke-Pepsi competition, the rivalry between the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang is one that has spanned generations.After a brief hiatus, the Camaro made a grand comeback with the retro-futuristic fifth-generation model to challenge the well-
To be shown in two years' time
The Transformers movie franchise isn't over apparently as director Michael Bay confirmed he has signed "a two-picture deal" with production company Paramount Pictures, with one of the two movies being "a new take on the Transformers franchise."Bay revealed this
We kid you not.<br />
The Transformers exist! Well, Bumblebee, at least. Impossible, you say? Well, then, you haven't seen this: AutoBlog said the clip was "apparently taken at a Chevrolet dealership" somewhere in Mexico. A Transformer in the flesh! Okay, so he's
If only it has the ability to transform...<br />
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