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“Tech, way more than the driving experience, is the key battleground today”
Is this a bad habit?
So you're driving home after a long day at work when a craving for a double cheeseburger and large fries suddenly kicks in. You can't resist, so naturally you pop by the nearest drive-thru to satisfy it,
A higher level of refinement
The midsize E-Class has long been a favorite in the Mercedes-Benz product line. Its balanced formula of luxury and everyday practicality has made it a staple for many executives, hotel fleets, and even cab companies (in Germany).And even back
So that driving can be quiet time
Whether we like it or not, the automobile cabin has become our second home thanks to daily gridlock. Thus, interior comfort has steadily grown in importance for those who brave metropolitan traffic. If the situation isn't APEC levels, sitting in the
Whetting our appetite even more
One of the Toyota Fortuner's main strengths has always been its interior. When we first sat in one a decade ago, we were surprised at how refined and car-like the cabin was. We almost wondered why Toyota didn't include
Like, say, that of the Ford Everest
When it comes to car design, the exterior gets most of the glory, which probably explains why there are numerous award-giving bodies that honor car styling. However, it's the car's interior a vehicle owner interacts with the most, so
As found in an Australian-market unit
As we've already told you, Toyota Motor Philippines is launching the all-new Hilux at the end of this month. Understandably, pickup fans are very excited, and they want to know more about this new-generation model.TMP already has actual
6 pictures posted online
It's official: The all-new Toyota Fortuner is the latest Internet sensation. When we posted the first-ever clear photos of the midsize SUV last Friday night, our website traffic nearly threatened to shut down our servers. We've never seen
3 girls, 1 subcompact crossover SUV
The new Honda HR-V is something of a size conundrum. Smaller than the CR-V and bigger than the Jazz, Honda's subcompact crossover is a quirky middle ground for those looking for more space than what a sedan offers, but
According to Ward's Auto World
Ward's Auto World has named the 10 best car interiors for 2015. Oh, this is for cars available in the United States, just to be clear. But because these are US-market cars, it's almost safe to say these awardees
Check out the different seat configurations
Having the same width (1,695mm) and height (1,525mm) as its predecessor, the all-new Honda Jazz doesn't initially appear to be able to swallow more cargo than the previous-generation iterations. At 3,955mm in length, the 2014 Jazz
We find out
Let's face it: It's hot out there. Really hot. So hot that stopping at the gas station to buy a drink will have you drenched in sticky sweat the minute you open the car door.Thankfully, with 10 cupholders, the
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