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A modern-day tribute to the Toyota Chinook
We're now fully-versed in carmakers producing their own concepts for the SEMA show. What we're less accustomed to is those concepts being retro-inspired campervans.The Toyota Tacozilla will be just that. It's a modern-day tribute to
It’s going up for sale
Part of the novelty of driving something like the Suzuki Jimny is its size. Its ultra-compact design doesn't just make it light and easy to maneuver-it makes it cute AF, too. The only real downside to owning something this
Yay or nay?
Well, here's one way to draw attention away from the BMW M4's hit-or-miss grille design: Just plop an equally massive camper on its rear. Problem solved.Instagram user and visual artist bradbuilds has done exactly this, and the
Check out these cool pieces from Colorado-based architect Adam Ambro
These days, we see most automotive artwork take shape in the form of renders. We don't see much of the traditional freehand illustrations or paintings that would have been commonplace just a few decades ago.Maybe it's because of the
Remember Lorinser, the German tuning company offering ex-military Puch G-Wagens for €15,200 (P850,000)? Well, the company has now decided to branch out...Check out the pictures above for its latest creation. Yep, it's a G-Wagen campervan
Life on the road looks like a lot of fun, but it’s difficult, too
A camping road trip is one sure way to take a break. We reckon it would be nice to try living out life on the road even just for a while, like for the annual family outing.But while week-long drives
Meet the Ford F-550-based EarthRoamer LTi
Carbon construction, a monstrously powerful V8 engine and a $590,000 (around P29.9 million) price tag. Though it sounds like we're describing a new special-edition McLaren, those are actually three factoids describing something much bigger but no less magnificent.
It can accommodate three people "on a long-term basis"
People keep trying to squish themselves into studio flats in the city. Why do we do it to ourselves? What we all really need is to get out of the city and into one of Peugeot's latest concept vehicles-the Boxer
We dig a good campervan
Campervans. On paper, they ought not to be our sort of thing. Big, heavy, and likely to slow down traffic on a sunny day, they're pretty far removed from the lithe little Alpine A110s or the big, smoky AMG sedans that
Our kind of holiday
Ladies and gents of the Internet, camping holidays will never be the same again. The monolith you see above is called the Patagonia. It's essentially a giant motorhome built onto a Kenworth K370 lorry chassis by an American company named Global
Say hello to the Transit Custom Nugget
Naming a car isn't easy. Just ask Mitsubishi, Toyota, Audi, and countless others who've given a car whose name sounds very rude when spoken in overseas languages.In future 'you won't believe what these cars are called!' online lists
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