A 2015 model included in a safety recall
The Hollywood community is still shaken over the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin, who lost his life in a freak accident involving his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He was 27 years old.Yelchin--who played USS Enterprise crew member Pavel
Knowing this could save your life
This will be very short, dear friends. But you need to pay attention because this information--assuming you don't know it yet--could save your life or somebody else's.Today, we posted another viral video on our Facebook page, showing
How to rescue passengers inside
Despite what you see in the movies, cars usually do not explode after an accident. Dropping a match into liquid gasoline won't ignite it right away, although gas fumes catch fire easily enough. It often takes a roaring fire to light
According to a tiremaker's study
Based on research conducted by tiremaker Continental, driver error remains the biggest cause of accidents. In the study, seven out of 10 Brits confessed that their poor driving contributes to road rage, and this often leads to mistakes behind the wheel.This
It\'s not enough to preach that drunk driving kills
I don\'t really drink. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so beer has never appealed to me as it has with many of my colleagues. Honestly, I\'m not much fun in a party where everybody\'s tipsy, friendly
To prevent car-into-truck accidents
Car-into-truck collisions may soon be avoided if a bill requiring underride-prevention guard in the huge vehicles is passed into law."We can do something about fatal or nearly fatal vehicular accidents by requiring large trucks or trailers to have
Channeling your New-Age side
Did you notice how the world went gaga over the supposed change in Zodiac signs early this month? Apparently, people who believe in astrology weren't just bothered about finding their soulmates or knowing where their career is going based on the
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