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When extra security features aren't extra secure
From a reader:"We bought a car from Toyota, which is a Rush. We also have another car, Vios naman. Our Vios' and Rush's RF (radio-frequency) keys don't work in our area but when we go out of our
Especially the dreaded 'basag-kotse' kind
It seems the criminals are back on the streets, many of them preying on belongings and gifts stacked inside parked cars.Probably out of desperation, several of those victimized by the so-called 'basag-kotse' criminals in shopping malls, wet markets, tiangges
Here's an easy and inexpensive fix
Hello Top Gear Philippines!I have a troubleshooting question I was wondering I could ask you guys. I don't know any car enthusiasts so you're the closest thing I've got. A few weeks ago during a trip to Tagaytay,
All going off at the same time
The incessant blaring of a car alarm in a parking lot will surely attract the attention of passersby. But what if 100 car alarms suddenly started to wail all at the same time?That's what happened when comedic performance art group
Do it anywhere, anytime<br />
The Viper SmartStart makes this possible with just a tap on an iPhone's touchscreen and a 3G cellular network signal or a Wi-Fi connectivity. Got more than one car? There's no need to get another iPhone as
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