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Artist Erwin Mallari turns chaos into art
Erwin Mallari was just a regular office worker when he started painting the daily struggles of commuters in Metro Manila. In a series of paintings, he depicted the different traffic situations in the city using watercolor.Mallari showcases his mastery of the
Made of stainless steel and brass
Homesickness is something you will never understand until you leave your family to work abroad. It can drive a person mad if said person isn't emotionally and mentally tough. Which explains why a lot of overseas workers end up turning to
Rusting in pieces to a whole new level
To fans of the automobile, any artistic depiction of this land-based mode of transport is always worth looking at. And for an artist to use an automobile's mortal enemy--that is, rust--as his artwork's canvas, it requires both
Carving his own destiny
For this talented sculptor, nothing is impossible. Here's Franco Cagayat's story of passion, art and cars. Read about Franco and his sculptures in the May 2011 issue of Top Gear Philippines magazine.
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