Just recognizing what this is qualifies you for tito status
Check out this radio: What you're looking at is the iconic Pioneer KP500. In the '70s and the '80s, this by far was the most popular head unit here in the Philippines. If a vehicle-whether it was a private car,
Treat yourself
It's Christmas, everyone. The perfect time to reconnect with old friends, practice the gift of giving, reflect on the year that's passed, and...splurge your hard-earned 13th-month pay on a couple of sweet new upgrades for your ride.
Those that use the 3.5mm audio jack
If you notice some of your officemates having bleary eyes today, that's because they probably stayed up late watching the launch of Apple's iPhone 7 that started at 1am this morning. What nerds, huh. (yawn)As usual, social media lit
It could be obsolete real soon
If you're a music lover, driving music is as important to you as the vehicle's air-conditioning system: The trip would simply be the most uncomfortable and most awkward drive one could ever imagine. And if you love your driving
Like a scene from 'Fast & Furious'
So we attended the first Philippine Arena Motoring Festival last weekend. As the name implies, it was held at the humongous Philippine Arena stadium in Bulacan. When we arrived, we really didn't know where to go first because the grounds were
Its most feature-packed receiver to date
With its position as the premier car show of the ASEAN region's automotive hub, the ongoing Bangkok International Motor Show is also an ideal venue for aftermarket manufacturers to introduce their important products. One such brand that held an official launch
But will we get it?
Noise-canceling technology, which used to be exclusive to headphones, has now found its way into cars thanks to audio equipment manufacturer Bose.Utilizing the same technology Bose uses for its headphones, which cancels sound with sound, the same principle is now
Probably more sick than the Juke Box
Nissan has expanded its long-term brand partnership with the Ministry of Sound nightclub brand and record label by creating a new, limited-edition Juke.No, Nissan isn't putting into production the Ministry of Sound-powered Juke Box. Instead, the limited-
Sounds good!
Chrysler has teamed up with Beats by Dr. Dre by equipping the 2012 Dodge Charger with the popular audio brand's sound system."Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine have built their careers on revolutionary and forward thinking decisions that formulate trends in
This was one deafening weekend
Back-to-back car audio competitions were held last July 30 at the People's Village of Tiendesitas in Pasig City as the venue played host to the 2nd DLS Philippine Open Competition and the 2011 Kicker Sound-Off Competition.The 2nd
As CDs go the way of the cassette tapes
The days of the in-dash CD player of car-stereo systems may soon be numbered as automotive companies like Ford are now scrapping it in response to the market's demand for all-digital systems with increased connectivity features."In-car
Like a heads-up display, only not
Car audio manufacturer Pioneer may have just unveiled the next big thing in car-infotainment systems by unveiling a head unit that not only doubles as a navigation system but also enhances the information it provides through the use of augmented reality (
Kicking things up in the local scene
The first leg of the European Mobile Media Association (EMMA) Philippines' 2011 Competitors Challenge wrapped up at the World Trade Center Metro Manila as the Manila International Auto Show's weekend crowd starting trickling out of the venue.Subcompact and compact cars
Fourth leg to be held in Cebu next week!
Subcompact cars dominated the third leg of the European Mobile Media Association Philippines' during 2010 Manila Auto Salon.For the Sound Quality category, Ryan Morales and his Toyota Corolla Altis topped the Master seven-channel class by scoring 421 points. Arnel Enero
From the award-winning sound engineer of Chevrolet Cruze
The factory-installed audio system of the Chevrolet Cruze recently topped the Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA) Sound Quality League in the United States, beating the similar system of its competitors, the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic.MECA president and competition
See the complete list here
Two sport-utility vehicles with outstanding mobile sound quality posted the highest scores in the second leg of the European Mobile Media Association (EMMA) Philippines' Regional Competitors Challenge held at the Piazza at McKinley Hills in Taguig City on August 28 and
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