Here’s how
One of the many Internet arguments against electric cars goes roughly along these lines: the batteries that power EVs will be useless after a matter of years, and they'll all end up in landfill as a dead loss. And, like so
A must-have for every garage
The list of tools that should be in your car or garage can be pretty extensive, depending on your willingness to get your hands dirty. Some things, like a car jack and a tire iron, are non-negotioable and should be in
Work-from-home folks, take note
Have you been driving your car enough lately? If you're among the lucky ones who can still work from home as the rest of the world emerges into a post-COVID reality, the answer is probably no.That means if you
A lot of times a replacement isn't necessary
Keeping what's under the hood clean is just as vital, if not more so, as maintaining what's outside. As such, you need to keep an eye out for dirty parts-what they look like, and more important, how to get
Avoid an accident by following these steps
Batteries are a great source of electricity for many gadgets and devices, but they're very much a finite source of energy. Even if they're rechargeable (like the batteries in our cellphones and laptops), with enough use they'll eventually break
The carmaker is looking for ways to use the batteries that outlive the vehicles
Normal car batteries normally last for two to three years. The batteries on electric vehicles (EVs), on the other hand, are different-they last much longer. Just ask Nissan.While some of us here are wondering when our car's batteries will
Is it as simple as that?
The less you use something, the longer it should last, right? At least that's what conventional logic would tell you. But does that thought process apply when it comes to car batteries? In short, no. Anyone who's owned a garage
A short and sweet DIY
Have you ever started your car one day, and felt like it struggled to get going? Maybe you heard a lurching sound, or it took a second or two longer than usual to spring to life. Leave the problem alone for long
Avoid these pitfalls
If you're reading this website, then we (hopefully) shouldn't have to tell you about how important proper car maintenance is. The battery is one of the core things you should keep an eye on, since it keeps your car's
Beat corrosion and unnecessary wear
We're right smack on the middle of the rainy season, and it looks like it isn't letting up. In these times, our car's batteries usually take the brunt of the beating. Extreme temperature changes (from hot to cold) advance
Do you know what's under your hood?
One of the most overlooked and under-maintained parts of a car is the battery. With older cars, it was a much simpler affair. You had less components taxing the electrical system, and the only time you'd know your battery needed
Connect and forget
One of the most important elements of proper car maintenance is ensuring that your car's battery is in proper working order. This is especially true today, as modern cars rely more and more on electricity to power their functions. Battery charger
Our tech guru has the answer
Hi. Why is it that every time I switch on my car, I need someone to push my vehicle because my battery is discharged? I turn off everything before I switch off the car's ignition. My battery is also new. Do
Motolite has developed one for PH owners
As you know, Mazda in the Philippines has been on a roll the past couple of years. Now handled by a dedicated and more focused distributor in Berjaya Auto Philippines, the Japanese car brand now boasts far better (and award-winning) products
Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
Hi. We just bought a secondhand 2008 Toyota Vios 1.3 E last March with a 35,000+km odometer reading. The car performed smoothly (it has complete casa maintenance records). I am from Zamboanga City, and the car is our means
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