The automotive supply chain crisis isn't just hurting car manufacturers' bottom lines-it's making ownership a headache for their buyers as well.J.D. Power has just released its 2022 initial vehicle quality study for the US market, and the
Four dealerships in one
One of the hassles in the car buying process is having to hop from one brand's dealership to another's. This is especially true for new car owners who have little to no idea what exactly it is they want to
We like
The Nissan Urvan is practical and utilitarian. But flashy? Not really. If you want to stand out, you might want to look elsewhere. You won't need to search too far, though.Nissan motorsport and customization subsidiary Autech has an aero kit
More taxes might be coming
Motorists, brace yourselves. More taxes may be on the horizon.During a recent roundtable discussion with BusinessWorld editors, incoming head of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Arsenio Balisacan suggested that additional taxes may be needed if the country wants to
Is this fine with you?
A few years ago, the Subaru Forester opted for a more practical vibe by doing away with its turbo. The trade-off was that the once-sport compact SUV settled down into a tamer being.While the turbo option never returned to
Like it?
One car we're currently lusting for is the Mazda CX-60. Not only is the SUV the Japanese carmaker's most powerful road car ever-it's also one hell of a looker.Seriously, just look at the thing. It's
Could our market get it?
Toyota and Suzuki have been working hand in hand together developing cars ever since the two brands entered a business alliance in 2017. Some of the more notable products from this partnership include the Suzuki ACross and Toyota Urban Cruiser (seen above),
This looks badass
We've already seen what a Philippine-made supercar might potentially look like thanks to Aurelio. Local cyberpunk motorcycles? Lycan is working on a couple you might one day be interested in buying, too. Now, we've also been treated to a
How much would you be willing to pay for this?
Admittedly, there isn't anything too special about this Toyota GR Yaris unit upfront. It's bone-stock, with everything from its black exterior coat to the turbocharged power plant as standard as they were out of the dealership.The main selling
Take your pick
Not long ago, we got hold of and reported the tentative local prices and variants of the upcoming Hyundai Staria. Now, we have the rest of Hyundai Motor Philippines' (HMPH) lineup to go with it.Before we proceed, we want to make
Have your eye on this model?
For the longest time, you couldn't buy a van in the Philippines without at least considering either the Toyota Hiace or Hyundai Starex. Nowadays? It's a one-man show for the former. This could change, though, when the Hyundai Staria
Dropping by?
When buying a car, dropping by a dealership in the metal is almost always a must. If it's too inconvenient for you, though, mall displays and public test drive events are the next best thing.If you're planning to buy
Reservations have opened in India
India is one of the most important markets to Japanese carmaker Suzuki. As such, it's also usually one of the first places to get the company's newest mass-market offerings-the latest of which is the next-generation Suzuki BrezzaYou'
It ushered in a new era for the brand
Go-anywhere performance cars are commonplace nowadays, yes. But there was a time when taking something like a Porsche off-road was entirely unheard of. This all changed 20 years ago, though, when the first Cayenne hit the market and helped pave
BBS wheels!
We don't get too many roadsters here in our market. The most attainable one is the Mazda MX-5, and after that, you're looking at models well outside the average Joe's price range.One roadster we wish we had
Will PH get these goodies, too?
Remember: Anything from a full design overhaul to an altered sidemirror housing can be labeled a 'refresh' by a car manufacturer. It's also important to note, though, that upgrades don't necessarily need to be just skin-deep.In the case
This comes before the official launch in July
The all-new Hyundai Tucson has been spotted in the local setting well before its scheduled launch in July 2022. Images of the South Korean compact crossover were shared with us by an anonymous source, and they were taken at a recent
Especially for seniors
Is Japan a great country to be a motorist in? Oh yes. It has clean, organized, and safe roads that make it one of the best. That said, it isn't perfect.One issue Japanese motoring authorities are trying to address is
Think this is true?
Yes, electric cars are better for the environment than their gas-guzzling counterparts-at least if we're talking on-the-road emissions. Take into account the production process, though, and they're not exactly squeaky-clean either.A recent report by
And it looks really good
Subaru answered countless buyers' prayers when it unveiled the Ascent-sold in our market as the Evoltis-back in 2017. A midsize SUV packed with the brand's AWD tech and boxer engine? A no-brainer if you ask us.Hard to
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