If this is going to be your third car, what would be your choice?<br />
Hi, Botchi!I currently have a 2008 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 and a 2006 Toyota Vios 1.5. I'm planning to buy a third car for our daily run-around--the most economical car we could find. Among the small
Which car do you choose when you have space for just one vehicle?<br />
Hi!I'm one of the avid readers of your magazine. I find all the contents of the magazine very interesting and informative. I usually read your magazine everyday when I wake up and before I take a shower even though
It's a choice between two Vios variants and one Altis. Which one should our reader pick?<br />
Botchi helps a couple choose the right pickup truck.<br />
Hi! Good day!My husband and I are planning to buy a car next year. Our choices are the Strada 2.5 GL 4x2 of Mitsubishi and the Hilux 2.5 4x2 of Toyota. We are still looking for some advice as
It's not easy being rich! Botchi helps out a guy who's in the market for a supercar.<br />
Dear Top Gear,I sold my (Porsche) Turbo for about P5M and was wondering what car I'll get. What car has comparable performance and speed? Something better suited for high-speed cruising rather than all-out track domination? Something rare
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