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Are you part of a car or motorcycle club? If your answer is yes, then we want to know more about you and the rides you care so passionately about.We would also love to feature your members, stories and, of course,
We were smitten by the experience
We are 20km in, traversing the Manchatian River in Pampanga. Overhead is a very long section of bridge on the SCTEX. It is quite surreal to be here, especially because the only view we are familiar with is the one from the
Yes, it's possible
One of the best love stories I know involves a soldier, a doctor, and a make-believe war in a make-believe country-complete with characters behind the wheel of a self-driving Genesis and a bad-ass Tucson. And that's
There’s a fine line between ‘Fan’ and ‘Fanatic’
Labels. People are obsessed with them. Obsessed with labeling others. Obsessed with labeling themselves. Obsessed with labeling their obsessions. Geek, gamer, furry, foodie. Each with its own silly obsessions and secret languages. Fear not, though. "Klaatu Barada Nixto". I come in peace,
It's not them, it's you
We love car clubs. We love meeting the interesting people in the parking lot, who know exactly how we feel about a certain car enough to build a brotherhood out of that feeling. We appreciate the helpful guys who have answers to
Many horses and even more blessings
Some car clubs throw big gatherings to celebrate anniversaries. Some even hold mini car shows with booth babes to boot. But last January 7, Mustang Enthusiasts Philippines (MEP) took it one step further by starting its party before dawn. The celebration? A
No bad vibes allowed
Despite all the negativity, hate, envy and general bad vibes we see every day, (particularly via social media), there has never been a better time to be a car enthusiast here in the Philippines. There are many ways to reach out, connect,
Like that guy who loves to hitch
If there's one thing we're confident about regarding the Car Club section in the magazine, it's that we'll never run out of clubs to feature. Why? The most natural thing to do for a car guy is to
Cars bring professionals together
Next to being a ninja or an astronaut, becoming a doctor has got to be somewhere near the top of every kid's what-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up list. It pays well (not that it would matter to
It's a mega meet of Toyota owners
Thankfully for car enthusiasts, there's another event happening in May that will restore our sanity from all the mudslinging that comes with the upcoming national elections, and that event is Toyo Fest 2016.So if you're a fan of Toyota
An awesome car club indeed
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Tuck those presents underneath your trees because Christmas is nearly upon us--as if you couldn't tell by the colorful decorations, repetitive tunes,
Auto club or fraternity?
So, there's this new motoring society called Corolla Owners Club, established just last February 17. If you go to the organization's closed group page, you will read about its motto (in italics):In COC, we don't lie, cheat or
Photos from Toyo Fest 2015
The recently held Philippine Arena Motoring Festival was indeed an automobile carnival, featuring activities for all sorts of car aficionados. But one section also stood out, mainly because all the cars gathered in that big open area only sported one logo: Toyota.
It wasn't just about the race series
Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya may not have graced the second leg of the 2014 Vios Cup, but the audience was nevertheless treated to a drift exhibition by Alex Perez, Paolo Arespacochaga and Audel Sison. Toyota car clubs were also invited to the
To these guys, new metal has no appeal
How do you define "old-school"? According to the entry form of the just-concluded joint-anniversary car show of Old School Pilipinas and Old Schooler Auto Club, old-school is "rear-wheel-drive, carbureted, 1987 or older."Whether it was the
<p>This car club goes beyond  Internet connection</p>
Club Mazda3 rekindled brotherhood among its members during a relaunch of the group last weekend. Club Mazda3 gathered for Reboot 2, a general assembly of old and new Mazda3 enthusiasts, at the Mazda Showroom in Pasong Tamo, Makati City."We've
Spend family day with a bunch of cool cars and help fund a worthy cause at <a title="Wheel Sensation 2009" target="_blank" href="">Wheel Sensation 2009</a> on July 5.
Spend family day with a bunch of cool cars and help fund a worthy cause at Wheel Sensation 2009 on July 5. 387 Media Productions and the Philippine National Red Cross have teamed up for a show that will gather various car
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