A DeLorean in anything other than bare stainless steel just looks weird
If you're going to shell out £115,000 (P7.29 million) for a tuned BMW 3-Series, you'd like your new toy to stand out a bit. The old M3 GTS (main image) had a V8 that was bored out
But say goodbye to its bright Rallye Red version
For those of you who prefer their sports cars in hot red, not because of a certain Italian carmaker but because you simply fancy the hue, then you probably liked the Honda Civic RS in its bright Rallye Red finish.To be
All white everything
Unpopular opinion: White is the least boring color you can wrap a car in. Sure, nearly every model out there comes available in it, but its clean simplicity allows a vehicle's lines, shape, and proportions-more important aspects of its aesthetic-
How many units have been sold in PH?
When Toyota Motor Philippines launched the 86 sports coupe in 2012, the car was like a rock star. Everyone wanted to see it, touch it, drive it, own it. We wonder: Just how many units of the 86 has Toyota sold so
Is your paint job on this list?
Just how much does a car's color mean to its owner? If the latest numbers from PPG Industries are any indication, a vehicle's paint job plays a significant role in deciding whether a car is bought or not.The global
They're not as harmless as you think
For many car lovers, the appearance of their ride is everything. And by extension, the condition of our car's paint job means a lot to us. But how to care for it? How to maintain the glossy surface of our vehicle'
Useful advice on exterior paint
One of the most common questions we get from our readers is this: Which car color is the best when it comes to ease of maintenance? In other words, the shade of paint that doesn't easily look dirty or doesn't
Like, seriously
General Motors International brought us to Michigan to test-drive the soon-to-be-launched Chevrolet Trax. You will recall that The Covenant Car Company Inc. displayed the Trax at this year's Manila International Auto Show back in April to sort
But in limited quantities only
It's natural to want something others don't have. This makes what we own a little more special. If you show up at your group's supercar fun run in a red Ferrari 458, seeing three other guys in a similar
Featuring his signature styling
To many car enthusiasts, leaving a car stock just won't cut it. A change of wheels and tires is usually a good start. Some will play around with the interior and change the sound system. Others will add a bodykit or
Which paint job do you prefer?
The all-new, sixth-generation Ford Mustang is the nameplate's first truly global model. Not only is it being sold worldwide for the first time, it is also available as either left- or right-hand-drive, which is another first.With
From October 15 to 18
Craving for McDonald's food? You might get free chow from the fast-food chain via drive-thru service from October 15 to 18. How?During said period, McDonald's is giving away treats to motorists through its "Lucky Drive" marketing campaign.
Which one do you prefer?
The Ford EcoSport is almost here. In fact, we can already smell its freshly baked paint job. And to crank up our anticipation even further, Ford Philippines has teased us with the official list of body colors available for the soon-to-
Foilacar gets good business for this purpose
When you mention car-wrapping, you immediately think of two primary reasons for why a vehicle owner would want to avail of it. First is the obvious: Car wraps provide an instant cosmetic makeover without the need for an actual paint job.
And it\'s only available in PH market
So, the new Toyota Vios has been officially introduced (at least to the dealers and the media). Which is how we know that the body colors available for the latest iteration of the country\'s best-selling car are White Pearl, Freedom
Because red is the color of the day
It's Valentine's Day today, in case you're too busy to notice. It's the day of hearts. And one color that's normally associated with it is red. To mark the occasion, we're giving you our list of
Followed by silver and black
White is still the world's most popular car color based on PPG Industries' annual automotive color popularity and trend study.According to PPG, white topped the ranking with 22 percent, followed by silver (20%), black (19%), gray (12%), red (9%), natural (
But still owns biggest slice of the pie
During our intimate tour of the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy--courtesy of Shell Philippines--we asked Ferrari press officer Joanne Marshall just how much of the Italian carmaker's current production still features a red paint job. As you know, red
21 percent of 2011-model-year cars have this paint job
According to PPG Industries, a leading manufacturer of transportation coatings, white is now the world's most popular car color, ending silver's 10-year run at the top. Based on data gathered by the company, white accounted for about 21 percent
Goodbye, rosso corsa?
Since its earliest days, Ferrari has always been associated with the color red, or rosso corsa to be exact, which is Italian for "racing red," as the cars in the early years of motor racing bore their country's color. As a
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