How to rescue passengers inside
Despite what you see in the movies, cars usually do not explode after an accident. Dropping a match into liquid gasoline won't ignite it right away, although gas fumes catch fire easily enough. It often takes a roaring fire to light
Claims Carrera GT had design flaws
Just two months shy of Paul Walker's second death anniversary, the late actor's 16-year-old daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, has sued Porsche over the tragic death of her father.According to a report by CNN, the suit asks for
As car's structure collapses in test
If you've been praying for the Datsun Go to reach our shores, this bit of news might douse your desire with cold water. In the recent Global New Car Assessment Program (Global NCAP) report, the Go received a zero-star safety
Let's all wish the man well
A couple of days ago, those watching the Japanese Grand Prix were shocked to learn about the horrific crash of Marussia F1 driver Jules Bianchi. Unfortunately, the official race coverage didn't have any video footage of the actual accident.Well, one
After crashing into a recovery vehicle
Marussia F1 driver Jules Bianchi suffered a "severe head injury" following his crash on the 42nd lap of the rain-stopped 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.Prior to Bianchi's accident, Sauber driver Adrian Sutil crashed on the outside of Turn 7. While
Guess which Philippine-market vehicle came out on top
The New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian countries has just released its latest crash-test results. A total of 11 cars were subjected to the standard offset front collision at 64kph and, as a new parameter to the tests, a mobile
Sadly, none of the locally available ones passed
The United States' Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just released its findings for its small overlap front-crash tests for nine midsize SUVs, and it seems we're on the unlucky side as neither one of the models sold in the
Combination of unsafe speed and old tires
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has officially released its report on the car crash that claimed the lives of Paul Walker and his Always Evolving tuning company partner Roger Rodas, saying that "the cause of the fatal solo-vehicle collision
And he neither had drugs nor alcohol in his system
Earlier today, we shared the findings of the Los Angeles County Coroner\'s Office on the death of Paul Walker. Well, we\'ve just read the agency\'s report on Roger Rodas\'s death, and his injuries were much worse than Walker\'
Porsche Carrera GT was going over 160kph
The Los Angeles County Coroner\'s Office has released its findings on the accident that killed The Fast & The Furious star Paul Walker and his Always Evolving (tuning company) business partner Roger Rodas.According to the agency, the red Porsche Carrera GT
An eclectic bunch of automobiles
Paul Walker may have been a big fan of Nissan\'s fabled GT-R nameplate in the Fast & Furious movie franchise, but according to YouTube channel The Smoking Tire, Walker was seriously interested in a lot of different cars, including American muscle.
It\'s okay to shed a tear
If you haven\'t heard or read the news, The Fast & The Furious star Paul Walker--together with Roger Rodas, the owner of the Always Evolving high-performance tuning shop Walker was an investor of--died in a car crash last weekend.
See the picture
The photo above, apparently, is the last known image taken of Paul Walker alive, and it has gone viral on social media. This image is said to have been captured moments before the actor went on a star-crossed joyride in the
\'Fast & Furious\' star Paul Walker dies in car crash
Hollywood actor Paul Walker, who achieved worldwide fame playing the role of Brian O\'Conner in the Fast & Furious movie series, reportedly died in a car crash in Santa Clarita, California, on November 30. The announcement was confirmed by his official Facebook
At the Goodwood Festival of Speed
The awesome-looking car you see above is the Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour, a one-off concept displayed at this year\'s Geneva Motor Show. It\'s a two-seater GT car with SUV aspirations, hence the elevated stance and the four-wheel
Guess which cars came out on top
A year ago, we reported that a New Car Assessment Program for the Southeast Asian region had been established, and that its crash-test facility would be based in Malaysia. Fast-forward to today and the ASEAN NCAP has just released the
That's one heck of a repair bill
Back in 2011, comedian Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean crashed his McLaren F1 into a tree and a lamppost before the car caught fire by the side of a road. While paramedics were able to bring Atkinson to a hospital, firefighters doused
Read the insider's account here
Racing enthusiast Charlie Cojuangco figured in an accident in the third and final race of the opening leg of the Tuason Racing School (TRS) Cup. Driving a Ford Fiesta just like everyone on the 12-car grid, Cojuangco hit competitor and newcomer
Readers offer opinion and accounts of what happened
The fatal car accident in Ayala Alabang over the weekend that killed four teenaged boys is currently the hottest topic in the local motoring community. And understandably so. Two of the victims were brothers. And Filipinos being very family-oriented, all of
Better get a weighing scale now
Obese people are already at risk from various health issues like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and stroke among other related diseases. Now, it seems you could add "severe auto accident" to the list of causes that an obese person could die from
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