Eurobeat intensifies
Any Initial D or MF Ghost fans here? Well, scratch whatever you've been saving up for this holiday season because Casio has dropped something that'll surely take the top spot on your Christmas wishlist.The watchmaker has released a new
Now that’s what we call a drive
For the first time in what seems like ages, it finally feels like it's safe to embark on a road trip. Chances are many of you guys, having been cooped up inside your homes for so long, are already gearing up
For the love of the classics
One of the country's most exclusive motoring events is kicking off next week-and if you're into classics, you probably know what we're talking about already.Yes, we're referring to the 2022 Tour De Cebu from September 29
Looking forward to trying these out?
Have you dropped by EKartRaceway's indoor go-kart track at SM City North EDSA yet? If so, you've probably noticed that the facility's karts are a bit on the smaller side. This is because it's currently operating using
We’d love to try these
In most cases, taking part in any activity that has to do with eating paint will land you in one of two places: a) in the emergency room, or b) riding a wagon to the looney bin. If you play your cards
A sad day for toy lovers
It might be a sad time for kids at heart this Christmas season.Last month, Lego announced that it was increasing the prices of some of its sets due to "the current global economic challenges of increased raw material and operating costs
“Coming soon”
Pedal feel and driving comfort? Who needs them when you're rocking a pair of sneakers as neat as the Initial D Nike Dunks we featured a few days ago? Judging by the reception it received on social media, many of you
We’re digging the colors here
Any Seiko fans here? Who are we kidding-we know there's more than a handful of you guys reading this. There are at least a couple that are part of the Top Gear Philippines team, and the brand's timepieces are
Time to start saving up
Is the COVID-19 crisis beginning to wind down? We wouldn't say that. At least not yet. If there's anything we've learned over the past two years, it's that the situation during a pandemic can change at any
From May 19 to 22
Have you ever seen a Lexus LFA in person? Considering only 500 of them were ever made, we reckon many of you guys will answer in the negative here. If you've ever wanted to catch one in the metal, Lexus Philippines
Remember when we wrote about a P1.1 billion mansion with a 15-car garage you can use to show off your prized rides? It was definitely neat, but not exactly something you'd need in your home if you're trying
How much for just the garage?
How much would you be willing to spend to ensure your ride is safe from the elements? A proper car cover from Lazada, perhaps? Maybe it's time you invested in securing a parking slot inside your condo's garage?But what
A car collection doesn't just sprout out of nowhere. Building one takes time and effort-more so if you're targeting old-school rides which you'll need to put a ton of work into restoring.Rainier Salonga and his son
We wonder how much a full tank costs
Difficult to park, ridiculously oversized (at least for most purposes), and a textbook definition of a gas-guzzler-frankly, it's very difficult to imagine how one might make a ride like the Hummer H1 even less practical than it already is.
Great Scott!
Lego is giving Back to the Future fans a nice blast from the past this year after announcing a new three-in-one Creator set of the film franchise's iconic DeLorean DMC-12 time machine.Now, we know the term 'three-
'Harder than taking your masters'
Applying for a Land Transportation Office (LTO) driver's license in the Philippines might not be a walk in the park, but big strides have been made in recent years to improve the process for motorists.That said, it still isn't
Our readers give some advice
There are several other ways a couple can seal their relationship aside from saying 'I dos' at the altar. Moving in together is one. Buying a dog or some other pet together is another popular way to go about it.But what
Not literally, of course
Anyone else here grow up in the early 2000s? It seems like just yesterday we were flocking to cinemas to catch Cars. Frankly, it's kind of hard to believe the first installment in the Pixar franchise is now over 15 years
Think you can handle running a luxury car dealership?
Have you ever set foot inside a supercar dealership? You'd be forgiven if your answer is no. After all, the realm of supercars is one blocked off by some very tall gates. And most people are perfectly content with gawking at
Should make for a fun watch
Say what you want about how Michael Bay handled the Transformers film franchise-the man knows how to do action right. Sure, his films are usually mindless popcorn flicks filled from start-to-end with explosions. That doesn't make them unentertaining.
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