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Imagine a tiny three-wheeler going at that speed
A superbike engine in a car? Nothing new. We've already seen someone stuff a Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit's powertrain inside a Super Carry before. But there's a new build that's just surfaced on the Internet, and it's arguably
Right on cue
In case you missed it, Toyota officially launched the all-new Alphard and its sportier twin, the Vellfire, earlier this week. Both models look pretty impressive as is, but there will always be some people for whom less is not more.Right
Not too shabby at all
An automotive success story based in Brackley? Nope, we're not talking about Mercedes' F1 team for a change, but a slightly smaller outfit just down the road: MX-5 tuning experts BBR GTI.The company has been at it since the
It’s laden with carbon fiber
Internet, say hello to Project RBS. Actually, there's no need for codenames now that this bonkers speedster has been officially unveiled to the world. So, say hello to the Ruf Bergmeister.Quite the thing, isn't it? Ruf says its latest
The reboot will premiere on August 19
Yo dawg, we heard you like Pimp My Ride, so we're telling you about the reboot of Pimp My Ride using the famous phrase of the original. So you can watch new episodes of Pimp My Ride while you reminisce about
Courtesy of Ferrari Tailor Made
Ever wanted a Ferrari in your life, but concerned it'll lack a Japanese touch? Enter this one-of-a-kind Ferrari Roma, which takes inspiration from traditional Japanese design, culture, and crafts. Right you are.Let's start on the exterior-
Think the Brits have done a better job?
The most powerful new Ford Mustang you can buy is now faster. Clive Sutton has revealed the upgraded version of its upgraded Mustang, called CS850GT, which is a UK take on the US's version of the upgraded Mustang (the Shelby GT500).
“It was always a dream to own a Mercedes”
He's done it again. Black Eyed Peas frontman already has a custom hot rod, a modded Tesla, and even a future-fied DeLorean, but we gotta feeling you'll have opinions about his new car: the will.i.
Nismo will play a part in its development
Some relatively big news from the world of Nissan today: The Japanese car manufacturer is set to launch a new motorsport and customization wing next year aptly named the Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Company.Exciting stuff, but what does this mean for the
Takes us back to the good old days
Flowers and tie-dyes were all the rage in the '60s, '70s, and even the '80s. And for some people who grew up in that era, it wasn't just a trend that eventually faded over the years.Take Tasha Lacks, for
You don't see something like this every day
Yes, we're telling you somebody built a widebody twin-turbo V8 sports car...out of a DeLorean. Welcome to Salvage to Savage's extraordinary SEMA show car, and the future we were promised back in 1985.S2S's lead fabricator Tim
*Yes, it's named Impressive. But it's also, uh, impres—okay, we’ll shut up
Here's something a little different for you that should stand out in a sea of identikit EV SUVs. This is an award-winning, custom two-door Chevrolet Impala Wagon built by the Ranweiler family at its Minnesota-based shop Show Cars
Prepare to be either amazed or horrified
The 'McMerc' SLR was one of the supercars of the early 2000s. Over 600hp, a carbon-fiber chassis masterminded by Gordon Murray, steampunk Batmobile looks, and, well, a pretty confused character, really. Part track-ready supercar, part deluxe heavyweight Benz. It was
Mind you, it’s no ordinary face swap
Thought the Ford Mustang Mach-E's looks were divisive? Check this out: A Mustang-faced Ranger.Dubbed the 'Widebody Mustang,' this pony-truck thing was built by Thailand-based Ford specialist Wat Ford. Now, it's not exactly a direct face
Minus the king-size bed, of course
We often feature 'Manila-proofed' vans here at Top Gear Philippines. But as far as custom vans go, Bea Alonzo's Ford Transit might be one of the most sensible ones yet.Sensible isn't exactly a fitting word for a fully
Go wild. We won’t judge...okay, not so much
Remember those iconic school disco-flame shirts from the late '90s and early 2000s? Well, you can now get that pattern on your new Citroen Ami. What a landmark day for car design this is...Citroen recently revealed that it took over
The finished product looks badass
It was only a matter of time until Kei Miura and the guys at TRA Kyoto got their hands on the all-new Toyota GR Yaris. They've now done their magic on the new hot hatch, and boy, does it look
It’s certainly eye-catching
There is a Lamborghini for sale at an auction. It will fetch around £200,000 (roughly P13.3 million). This, ordinarily, is not news.When the Lamborghini in question looks like this, however, it is very much news. This is a 1968
Imagine Takumi drifting this thing
You're probably familiar with the iconic Toyota AE86. You know, the humble front-engined, rear-wheel-drive Toyota you used to watch (or read) in Initial D when you were a kid. Who could forget?If you, like most of us
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