There are many possible sources of negligence
Question: At the corner of Roxas Boulevard and Remedios Street in Manila, a 14-wheeler truck fell into a drainage canal when the canal's concrete cover collapsed because the truck was overloaded. Traffic was rerouted to this area because of an
This could be tricky
Hi, Top Gear, I would like to ask for your feedback regarding illegally parked vehicles. Let's say that an illegally parked vehicle gets accidentally hit by an inanimate object like debris or roofing that got dislodged because of strong winds. Is
Spare yourself potential headaches
You can find some very good deals in the secondhand car market if you know what model you want and how to give it a proper once-over. Here are some things you can do when examining the used car you want
Only in pay-parking areas of course<br />
A bill filed at the House of Representatives seeks that management of establishments collecting parking fees be made liable for damages a vehicle incurs while parked within its premises.House Bill 7176 or the Parking Liability Act filed by party-list Representative
Know when your car is about to hit the danger zone
Hi, Sir Ferman!Good Day! I browse various car forums with different schools of thought when it comes to overheating cars so I've just decided to ask the master. When a car overheats, where should the temperature needle be pointing? Is
12 of the most striking images taken during and after the killer typhoon<br />
As typhoon Ondoy exited the Philippines, horrifying images of the extent of its damages in Metro Manila began surfacing on the social-networking site Facebook. We culled a dozen photographs of submerged and muddied vehicles from the accounts of various Facebook friends
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