Spare yourself potential headaches
You can find some very good deals in the secondhand car market if you know what model you want and how to give it a proper once-over. Here are some things you can do when examining the used car you want
Only in pay-parking areas of course<br />
A bill filed at the House of Representatives seeks that management of establishments collecting parking fees be made liable for damages a vehicle incurs while parked within its premises.House Bill 7176 or the Parking Liability Act filed by party-list Representative
Know when your car is about to hit the danger zone
Hi, Sir Ferman!Good Day! I browse various car forums with different schools of thought when it comes to overheating cars so I've just decided to ask the master. When a car overheats, where should the temperature needle be pointing? Is
12 of the most striking images taken during and after the killer typhoon<br />
As typhoon Ondoy exited the Philippines, horrifying images of the extent of its damages in Metro Manila began surfacing on the social-networking site Facebook. We culled a dozen photographs of submerged and muddied vehicles from the accounts of various Facebook friends
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