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A tale of love, family, and a really bad car
In 2015, my Dad bought 'It.'It came out of nowhere. I arrived home from my usual nine to five at the office to find It sitting there inside our two-car garage. It was occupying the space usually reserved for our
Is it allowed?
No, the buyer should not be liable for any increase in the purchase price brought about by the excise tax on cars taking effect before the car dealership delivers the unit. If the dealership fails to deliver the unit within the agreed
It's more complicated than you think
The looming possible increase of excise taxes on cars has the entire auto industry on the edge of its seat. Car companies, enthusiasts and even everyday consumers are beginning to feel the pressure, and as it turns out, so are second-hand
It's coin-operated, too
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. A start-up in the US has come up with a brilliant and novel idea to make purchasing a used ride more convenient (and
Could your plates be on this list?
No, this is not an April Fool's Day story. This is serious stuff.The Land Transportation Office--in its desire to prove that the fault in the delayed license plates doesn't rest upon it--has furnished the Department of Transportation
With UP Diliman\'s College of Architecture
Hyundai Asia Resources recently named the winner of its \"Hyundai Green Dealership DESIGN\" competition, which it held with the University of the Philippines\' College of Architecture. DESIGN, HARI claims, is acronym for \"Dealership Excellence Through Sustainable, Intelligent Green Network,\" which the company
The expansion continues
Honda Cars Philippines recently broke ground for a new--and much larger--dealership in the Queen City of the South.Honda Cars Cebu will be moving out of its current location to occupy a 5,000sqm lot along A. Soriano Avenue in
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