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Artist renders road-going BMW 3.0 CSL IMSA ‘Batmobile’
Let's keep it real
We've all seen them. 'M' tricolor badges on BMW 120ds. The not-so-lesser-spotted Mercedes C220 CDI 'AMG.' Golf TDIs proudly wearing the 'R' insignia. And then there are the truly mad ones, like Audi 'S' badges popping up on
Well, some are definitely more expensive than others
Horacio Pagani once told Top Gear that the Huayra was really a collection of ideas he wanted to try in the earlier Zonda, but at the time his first supercar was being designed, the material technology simply didn't exist. When the
“It had to be a have-your-cake-and-eat kind of car, no compromises”
The Koenigsegg Gemera, in case you've forgotten, was the star of the recently canceled Geneva International Motor Show. Okay, it was the only car at the recently canceled Geneva International Motor Show, on account of Koenigsegg refusing to leave until it
A quick challenge for you: Name a new-ish sports car that doesn't work in green.Ha! You can't, can you? You've immediately defaulted to 'Ferraris are designed in red,' but you can't deny even the state-of-
The carmaker claims this is the world’s first tattooed car
Obviously, you can't really tattoo a car because it's made of hard, unyielding metal instead of soft, absorbent skin. But what Lexus and experienced tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe have achieved with this UX is pretty damn close.The six-
It will give new meaning to fast delivery
For a while now, Bugatti-maker of the world's fastest car, the 490kph Chiron Super Sport 300+-has been teasing us about bringing a second line of cars into production to give the Chiron a little brother or sister to play
We deserve this
No, the Coupe 2020 Concept isn't the work of BMW itself-c'mon, the grille is way too small. It was designed by a Ukrainian designer called Vladimir Panchenko, and isn't it just the prettiest 'BMW' you've seen in
But we can all take part in making ‘key design decisions’ via Twitter
In the olden days, car design was generally reserved for those who wore roll-neck jumpers and carried a pencil behind one ear. Now, though, Ford is bringing it to the masses by allowing gamers to design a bespoke, virtual racing car.
We call it the ZR-V, which stands for Zippy Runabout Vehicle
One of Honda's popular models in its local lineup is the BR-V. It's basically the seven-seat SUV version of the Mobilio, which in turn is the MPV version of the Brio hatchback. So, what if Honda decided to
‘Direct printing’ tech lets Porsche take personalization to a whole new level
For years, people have said you should buy a new car in gray, black, or silver if you have any interest whatsoever in selling it on for a halfway decent sum of money. Oh, and you should probably also refrain from having
It’s not too late
Warning: What you are about to see isn't some bored teenager's bedroom renderings. They're not fantastical photoshop trickery made of fairy dust and dreams, either. These are actual Bugatti concept cars that the carmaker's design team had poured
Would this hot hatch tickle your fancy?
This is a Honda Jazz Type R. Is it real? Nope. Should it be real? Er, yes. Yes, it should be.See, the folks over here at the Top Gear office are Jazz fans. We put aside any preoccupation with being cool,
It’s wild, but so are other hypercars these days
Work experience normally involves shadowing a relative, working in a shop, or being asked to get a tin of tartan paint. Not so in the case of Max Lask. The plucky and incredibly talented designer recently completed an internship at Bugatti's
We reimagine the ’70s kei car for the 2020s
Remember the Mitsubishi Minica? The one most Filipinos remember is the third-gen Minica F4, which made its Japanese debut in 1972; this model was offered in the Philippine market during the '70s. It was odd-looking and interesting at the same
The car will be on display at this year’s New York Fashion Week
Breaking news: A car manufacturer has undertaken a project in collaboration with a fashion designer, and the result doesn't make us want to be sick in our hands.Far from it, too-because this fully-restored 964-generation Porsche 911 Carrera
Yay or nay?
Interviewing car designers can be a frustrating way to spend your day. Their language might make some kind of sense while their lips are moving, but as you read it back, it often melts to an impenetrable fog. It's like printing
This looks promising
If you've been digging Hyundai's energetic new look lately, you'll be glad to know the Korean carmaker doesn't seem like it plans to ditch its newfound passion for edgy designs anytime soon. The brand has just revealed a
Should Ford make this real?
One of the most desirable pickups in the market today is the Ford Ranger Raptor. It's a legit off-road truck with the hardware to back up its aggressive styling. Owing to its popularity, we at Top Gear PH wondered what
*The verdict is still out on number 5
You join us in 1952, and Britain's best-selling car, the Morris Minor, has just sprouted a wagon version. The Morris Traveler! Heady days. The rear bodywork was hung off an ash frame, and instead of painting it like the rest
Coupes are cool
One of the several attractive Japanese cars to be offered here during the '70s and early '80s was the Toyota Corona Hardtop, aka the 'Macho Machine'. In terms of styling and refinement, the one that stood out the most between the two
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