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The designer names eight things he hates about the car
Some things in life are universally accepted as the truth. Pineapple is an unacceptable pizza topping, for example. Christian Bale played the best on-screen Batman. The McLaren F1 is perfect. Of these things, there can be no argument.We don't
“If Nissan wants me to redo one, I’m quite happy to do that”
It’s so...French
Actually, no. It's the spiritual grandfather of the Tesla, a Citroen concept from 1980. When it comes to home motor shows, there's a real pressure-you want to wow the domestic crowds and show the world that your home country
That's the way to do it
Is there a busier automotive special division than McLaren Special Operations? It seems not, with MSO pumping out motorsport-inspired supercars seemingly on a monthly basis. But with motorsport history like McLaren's to riff off, we struggle to blame them...So,
Ford claims it 3D-printed the original model to design the new one
An American car company has announced a new motor vehicle capable of transporting passengers across some terrain. Ford (headquartered in Dearborn-you may have heard of it) has revealed the all-new Bronco (probably heard of that one, too).Yep, it's
It proved controversial among Bimmer fans
The Z9 Gran Turismo concept, which made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1999, was BMW's final two fingers to the century of the automobile courtesy of then-head of design Chris Bangle. It was intended to show off
Who would have thought?
If you had to sum up a Huracan in a sentence, you could do worse than 'an Audi R8 made pointier and more impractical in every single way.' The Lambo takes the same ingredients and mixes in worse visibility, a less user-
It was ahead of its time
This is the Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale Concept, presented at the 1993 Geneva International Motor Show alongside what would become the DB7. It was produced for Aston Martin by the Ghia design house, which was also part of the Ford portfolio as
By Dutch designer Andries Van Overbeeke
Remember Dutch designer Andries Van Overbeeke? Back in 2015, he penned a series of sketches that showed us what 2017's Red Bull Formula 1 car could have looked like. Needless to say, his wide-bodied, fat-tired vision was far more
Old is gold
Obviously, a retro car will suit retro wheels. We'll see that again later in a more... American application. But the same goes for a cutesy little Euro town car. The 1975 Edition pays tribute to the year the original Cinquecento launched,
Archivists have found these 57-year-old sketches
Welcome to what might have been. While searching Ford's presumably vast collection of negatives, the company's archivists came across what are believed to be some of the earliest design sketches of the Mk1 GT40, as well as a profile shot
Tell us what you think
Only 12 Bentley Bacalars will ever be built for customers paying £1.5 million (P93.4 million) each for the privilege. A few more Bacalars may well exist: styling bucks and the yellow 'show car,' plus a prototype or two that prowl
Too much of a good thing
Car-light design. The rot's been setting in for a while, and it's all the fault of clever new LEDs. As soon as LEDs came on the scene in a robust and cost-effective way, cars could have slimmer lights.
Overseen by real Bugatti designers
Back in 2015, we published a series of images from Dutch designer Andries Van Overbeeke after he'd mocked up what the future of Formula 1 could look like. That 'future' was a jaw-dropping vision for the cars of 2017-what
Which one is your favorite?
RAM trucks are about as known for their stature as they are for their ultra-beefy designs. Seriously, just look at the American carmaker's lineup-every pickup it offers looks larger than life.That said, we're all going to need
Because we're geeks like that
Lamborghini was so proud of its Aventador rolling chassis, it chose to reveal images of the car's carbon tub, pushrod suspension, and 694hp V12 all bolted together without bodywork on top first. Which is a bit like sending a naked selfie
This is the guy who helped design some of the world’s most popular cars
Only a select few earn the chance and the privilege to design the most popular and exotic cars in the world. Automotive designer Frank Stephenson is part of this elite set of talents, and throughout his career, he has had a hand
A labor of love
Last September, Bentley announced it was planning to build 12 recreations of Sir Tim Birkin's 4½ Liter 'Blower.' To do that, it would first need to completely dismantle its own Blower-Birkin's own, the most famous of the four originals-
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