Never leave home without their phone numbers
One should never go through life all by themselves, and the same goes with your car ownership experience. Sure, you're probably knowledgeable in your own right, but there comes a time when you'll need a helping hand with one thing
See if you can relate
Since you clicked this article, chances are you've been identified as the family/barkada/office car guy, and you've been asked more automotive-related questions than you care to hear. We believe it's a small price to pay to
Bluff your way into motoring convos
If you read Top Gear, both online and print, you can probably hold your own in a car conversation. But if you really want to impress, and sound like this all comes second nature to you, you'll want to expand your
And what does he find "insipid"?
Outside of the world of technology, the name Sir Jonathan Ive might not be familiar. But there's a very important reason the prefix "Sir" is attached to his name. In 2012, Apple's design chief was knighted by Princess Anne in
And one reason why you really should
1. He thinks everybody wants to race him on the highway.2. He will gladly take you to any of the newest, hottest, most glamorous restaurant in the long as his lowered, stanced, body-kitted ride can get over the
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