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The completion of their merger is expected to occur in Q1 of 2021
The company is looking to the future
Porsche has always been good at predicting the future. So, in an uncertain world convulsed by coronavirus, let's ask the Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, about it. Not just about the numbers of cars he thinks he'll sell, but the kinds
The former VW Group chairman passed away over the weekend
Car-company board members are usually as exciting as the table they sit around discussing profit margins and shareholder behavior. Not Ferdinand Piech, who passed away over the weekend aged 82. It's reported he collapsed in a Bavarian restaurant before being
To what, exactly?
The Subaru name has been in the automotive industry for as long as we can remember. Outside of the carmaker's previous presence in World Rally Championship, it has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of both safe and fun-
Is there a place for you here?
Have you ever pondered a career in the automotive industry? Having covered this sector for some time now, we can definitely say it isn't dull. In celebration of Labor Day, we list down the most popular jobs in this corner of
You can now invest in exotic Italian metal
At the risk of sounding too technical, stock trading is essentially putting in a bit of money into a publicly listed company through its stock offerings and becoming a "part-owner." It involves following the movement of shares to try and predict
What are these?
Unless you've been vacationing on Mars or living the life of a hermit, you're probably aware that high-tech is in. Homes and gadgets are now interconnected, not to mention refrigerators allowing you to surf the Internet while deciding on
It's going to be a great year
This year has been monumental for the Philippine motoring landscape, but 2015 is shaping up to be an even greater year. It seems that the industry has finally hit a critical point--maturing nicely, evolving in sophistication and becoming more demanding. Here
Free with your copy
Top Gear Philippines' May 2014 issue comes with a free supplement on the latest trends in car modification. Titled "Trend Watch," the 12-page mini magazine is a quick guide to sprucing up your car's looks with the latest and most
Everything can be awesome
We have a new favorite flick in the Top Gear office. As you might be able to tell from my blog title, we're all smitten with The Lego Movie. Even our online managing editor Tracy--who still hasn't tired of
According to the latest J.D. Power study
Market research firm J.D. Power has released its 2014 Vehicle Dependability Study for the US market, and it has been found that overall dependability worsened for the first time since 1998. The study aims to determine the quality of three-year-
An iMessage chat gone hilarious
If this is your first time on our website, let me introduce myself. I'm the editor of Top Gear Philippines. Given my job and position, I'm friends with executives in the local automotive industry. Which means I pretty much enjoy
Well, sort of
The other day, Google Philippines officially announced the start of the image-gathering operations of its Street View cars around the country. Street View is the amusing feature of Google Maps that allows users to survey the surroundings of a specific location
The automotive side of the cosmos
Now that we're all settling down into 2014, the next event that the fortune-curious folks are looking forward to is the Chinese Lunar New Year.Not that I am heavily into Chinese astrology, but a quick Google search of how
A round of applause, please
The world\'s strongest typhoon has just struck the country, but its devastating effects have shaken the whole world. Just like other sectors, the automotive industry has also mobilized to lend a hand. Many car manufacturers have extended help in the form
Wishes locally assembled new D-Max had incentives
Isuzu Philippines Corporation is among the few car manufacturers that still actually build vehicles in the country, with the new D-Max set for assembly at the company\'s facility in Biñan, Laguna, after the initial batch of CBU units is
See if your name is on the list
Last Wednesday, we posted an announcement asking readers to e-mail us a request for exclusive invites to our 9th anniversary party on October 21 at Privé Luxury Club in Bonifacio Global City. Like we said, we were looking to invite 15
Find out how you can score exclusive, limited invites
On October 21, Monday, Top Gear Philippines is celebrating its 9th anniversary at Privé Luxury Club in Bonifacio Global City. Now, as much as we would like to invite everyone, we simply can\'t make it happen due to space limitations. But
Too many customers can\'t make monthly payments
The end of Thailand\'s \"First-Car Buyer\" subsidy scheme has triggered a slew of articles declaring the ambitious $2.5-billion project a failure. Of the 1.2 million buyers who availed of the generous subsidy, anywhere from 100,000 to
Learn how to properly enunciate them
Any self-respecting gearhead should know how to properly say automotive brand names. After all, there's no point in knowing how many WRC titles Lancia has captured if you keep saying lan-see-ya, is there?Here then is a list
An industry veteran breaks it down for us
As a customer of the automotive industry, don't you ever wonder how car dealerships make their money? Of course, the automatic assumption is that these dealers make a killing out of every single car sale that they close. But do they
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