Vehicles with comprehensive insurance policies should no longer need CTPL
If the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) will have its way, then it seems more changes are up for the motor vehicle registration system of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).In a recent statement, ARTA director general Jeremiah Belgica put forward his
To be paid on top of the loaned vehicle’s monthly amortization costs
If a certain person is purchasing a brand-new vehicle through a car loan, then chances are that person doesn't want to shell out large amounts of cash in one go. That means additional expenses like car insurance can sometimes go
The AI speeds up the process by evaluating damages and finalizing assessments
If you have your car insured, that's great. But that doesn't save you from the fact that if you get into a fender bender, it can still take a while for the insurance company to sort things out. There are
*If you’re covered under Standard Insurance
The recent phreatic eruption of Taal Volcano was nothing short of a nightmare for those living south of the metro.The ashfall that followed suit, apart from it being detrimental to people's health, proved to be quite the problem not only
In case of mishaps
I had my car insured in Cebu City and I plan to use it to travel to Manila. In case of an accident, would it still be covered by the insurance policy?Yes, your car insurance secured in Cebu City covers accidents
A starter pack for natural-disaster claims
This could be a big step in achieving road discipline
With the breakdown of driver discipline in almost every corner of the country, determining who's to blame in a vehicular accident is becoming a difficult task. More so if lies and deciet are becoming the norm. What aggravates the situation further
Post-accident procedure made easy
Those of you who've been involved in road accidents know how much of a headache-both literally and figuratively-they can be. Even minor fender benders can turn into a huge pain in the ass afterward if you're not familiar
No sign-up, no hard sells
Being a Top Gear staffer, I am often asked car-related questions as if I'm a walking advice column. One inquiry I've received more than once is "What car insurance is best for me?"Frankly, this is near-impossible to
And what exactly is CTPL for?
Compulsory third-party liability (CTPL) insurance is a requirement for the annual motor vehicle registration with the Land Transportation Office. If your car or motorcycle has no CTPL, operating it on a public road is unlawful.Cars are vehicles of great speed
Due to fewer accidents
The auto industry has changed quite a lot over the past several years. Alternative fuel and electric vehicles are growing in number, cars are becoming more integrated with their drivers than ever before, and some rides are even capable of driving themselves.
Every car owner should know this
Now that you've pulled the trigger and committed a good deal of your financial resources toward the purchase of a new car, be prepared for its insurance. You will spend at least 2.25% of the fair market value of the
It's called Paramount CTPL Plus
Do you feel you're paying too much to insure your vehicle for protection you'll probably never need? Choosing what type of coverage, for a lot of people, comes down to either being too cheap or spending too much. What if
Volvo owners get insurance discounts
If you own a vehicle, you're probably aware that filling up on fuel is just one of the things that you need to spend for. There are other annual costs that come into play in order to have a worry-free
Our consumer editor gives a crash course
I am about to buy a new car, but I don't know much about car ownership. My parents don't own a car and they don't even know how to drive. I search everything on the Internet, but I can'
Coming soon at a pawnshop near you
Come January 2013, car owners will have another option when processing their vehicles' Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance renewal and claims. A CTPL insurance is, of course, a requirement when you register your car with the Land Transportation Office.At a
See if your own car is among them
Yesterday, we attended a media seminar on non-life insurance organized by the Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association. A tie-up seminar with the Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific, "iReport: Getting to Know Insurance" gathered media practitioners and bloggers for
Avail of the offer before the deadline
BPI Family Auto Loan has announced an extension for its "free one-year comprehensive insurance" promo. Back in February, the leading auto-financing firm launched the promo and announced a June 1 deadline, but that deadline has now been extended to June
With Acts of Nature coverage
In March 2010, a few months after hundreds of cars in Metro Manila had been wiped out by Typhoon Ondoy, BPI Family Savings Bank introduced its free one-year insurance promo that came with Acts of Nature coverage. The campaign was such
Giving hope to typhoon Sendong's victims
The owners of vehicles that were damaged by typhoon Sendong in December 2011 have some allies in the House of Representatives as Mindanao-based solons are asking the Insurance Commission (IC) to order the country's insurance companies to process their claims
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