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One day, we will be able to unlock cars just by looking at them
It's difficult to imagine now, but it's entirely possible that one day-perhaps in a decade or two-motorists won't even remember you once had to turn a key to get a car to start. At the rate the
It aims to enable full functionality across various devices and car brands
BMW offers a high level of digital connectivity and keyless access with its vehicles, with systems like BMW Connected and BMW Digital Key. The latter allows users to lock and unlock the vehicle, start the engine, and even share vehicle access using
It’s an easy DIY procedure
I can remember when keys were keys-flat pieces of metal with notches cut into it. You stick it in a keyhole and turn it, and it unlocks a lock. Nowadays, most car keys come in the form of key fobs-basically,
Should you worry?
One of our readers, Marc M., sent in this question about a losing a remote/transponder key:"What do I do if my key is stolen (transponder/wireless key) and I'm away from civilization?"Marc, I sure hope this is a
To be replaced by a mobile app
You know how men hang their car keys from their belts? Well, guys who will buy a Volvo a few years from now might not be able to do that anymore. By 2017, the Swedish carmaker plans to become the world's
During media drive in Portugal
Last week, we told you about the high-tech key of the all-new BMW 7-Series, called the BMW Display Key. Available as an option costing $250, the key features a full-color touchscreen display that allows you to choose different
New BMW 7-Series and its high-tech key
When it comes to technology, it's the little things that count. Even the smallest gadgets are capable of so much. The tech guys over at BMW must have kept this in mind when they came up with what could possibly be
We're giving them away!
See the cool-looking luxury car keys above? Well, as the title of this article says, these are not really car keys, but thumb drives made to look like car keys. In these digital times when practically your whole life can fit
What to do when the car keys no longer work
After I decide to finally revive the Fintail, I am shocked to discover that the keys I have no longer work. Are they the wrong keys? Have they worn out? Whatever the case may be, this is a huge problem as I
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