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Be wary of taking on new loans
By now, you've probably seen it in the news: The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) announced back-to-back hikes in its benchmark interest rates over the last two months-by 0.75% in July, and another 0.50% in August.
Can you relate?
Who hasn't given up a creature comfort or two in order to afford something nice? We know we have. Thing is, if you're looking to do this so you can afford a car, some bigger sacrifices may be in order.
You can never be too safe these days
The secondhand car market isn't just a trick industry to navigate. It can potentially be a dangerous one as well.The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has just released a statement telling car buyers and sellers to be wary of the pasalo-
To be paid on top of the loaned vehicle’s monthly amortization costs
If a certain person is purchasing a brand-new vehicle through a car loan, then chances are that person doesn't want to shell out large amounts of cash in one go. That means additional expenses like car insurance can sometimes go
Available until the end of the year
We're weeks away from Christmas, and chances are a lot of people are already looking to purchase a new car this season. That's a fun way to greet the holidays, isn't it?Now, if you're one of those
You can check out the new feature via the Suzuki Philippines official website
We reckon there's a lot of you out there who had to hold back on your planned car purchases due to the COVID-19 outbreak. You're probably sitting on your hands right now, waiting until the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ)
Freebies and discounts are up for grabs
If you've been putting off that car purchase for a while now, you might want to check out these deals from BPI Family Savings Bank (BFSB).BFSB disbursed a total of P20.4 billion on auto loans last year-a figure
Make sure you can afford a car if you buy
You see them all over your Facebook feed-ads for financing of new cars or motorcycles specifically targeted at you. These adds boast zero down payment or minimal monthly payments, making it seem like it's now easier than ever to fulfill
Can you still save it?
My car has been repossessed; now what? Repossession by the bank is like the eleventh hour. It is the final chapter of a novel. There is not much you can do now.After the bank takes possession and control of the mortgaged
Look at the sample computation
You would think that 2018 is a difficult year for gearheads, with the excise tax on vehicles, surging oil costs, and inflation. But just like how carmakers unceasingly innovate by rolling out new vehicles in the market, other sectors are also trying
Not bad at all
So you finally have your finances in order, and feel like it's time to buy yourself a brand-new car. What budget do you set for yourself? Sure, car loans are more flexible than ever, but you still don't want
Looking for flexibility in car financing?
Anyone here looking for a new ride? Are you worried about finding the right deal for you? Well, BPI is back with BPI Auto Madness, offering car buyers killer deals, special loan rates, and free comprehensive insurance on over 500 select vehicle
Via BPI Family Auto Loan's new service
Applying for a car loan just got a step easier. BPI Family Savings Bank has introduced the "60-Second Auto Loan Pre-Qualification" feature of its auto loan website,, what does this feature help you with? Based on a
Available online 24/7
If you're shopping for a car, take advantage of BPI Auto Loan's ongoing "Auto Madness" sale from today until September 30, 2014. Touted as a "bigger and better" Auto Madness than previous years, the sale offers low loan rates, free
Exclusively for 60-month loan terms
BPI Family Savings Bank's auto loans division has launched a new and supposedly unrivaled innovation in the auto-financing industry: a car loan that pays you back.BPI-FSB's 10% Money Back promo gives customers a 10% rebate on their
Our consumer editor gives a crash course
I am about to buy a new car, but I don't know much about car ownership. My parents don't own a car and they don't even know how to drive. I search everything on the Internet, but I can'
Running from September 5 to 27
BPI Family Auto Loan is once again holding its Online Auto Madness sale from September 5 to 27, through its website The car sale provides low loan rates, free comprehensive insurance with acts-of-nature coverage, and loan application processing
A guide for first-time buyers
One of the big drivers behind the growth in sales in the automotive industry is easy credit. Banks are lending out money more readily, with flexible terms and payments. Of course, for the first-time buyer, navigating the maze of financial instruments
Due to popular demand
Good news to new-car shoppers: Due to popular demand, BPI Family Auto Loan brings back its promo of free one-year comprehensive insurance with acts-of-nature coverage. Running from July 1 to September 27, the promo gives car buyers reduced
Touted as the first in the local car-loan industry
BPI Family Auto Loan today unveiled what it touts as a first in the Philippine car-loan industry: the Online Auto Madness sale through its website Running from March 7 to 31, the Online Auto Madness allows car shoppers to
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