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Let your opinion count
For the month of July, we have two special covers--and it's called the Dirty Issue. In a nutshell, this issue is dedicated to vehicles that have the capability to let us, well, get dirty. Call them SUV, call them crossovers,
We can't count how many times we've been approached by people telling us how cool our job is, and we humbly acknowledge the blessings that have come our way. But as the recently concluded NBA Finals series has shown, you
You need this in your car-obsessed life
For several years, you grew accustomed to buying our annual magazine special, "The Roll-Out Issue." For this year, we're officially retiring that once-a-year release and replacing it with this one: Car Lust. That's primarily because the editor
Effective April 15, 2014
Comedian and Internet celebrity Ramon Bautista will take over the reins of Top Gear Philippines beginning April 15. Bautista, who actually did a comics-style column for the magazine in 2012, is replacing outgoing EIC Vernon B. Sarne, who has accepted an
Or daughter for that matter
It\'s Father\'s Day today. To honor the man who made us the car guys we are today, we share with you the top 10 car-related activities that help bond father-and-son (or daughter) relationships. Let us know if
Three US car magazines have the same cover for December
A magazine cover is a work of art and a thing of exclusivity. It's a magazine's first contact point with a potential buyer on the newsstand. Most of the time, a person makes a decision whether or not to buy
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