It might seem a bit much, but this will do the trick
The stench of cigarette smoke easily sticks to clothing, regardless if you're the one smoking or not. Now, imagine that same smoke circulating inside your car. Simply put, that odor won't come off easily.If you regularly smoke inside your
Should you worry?
One of our readers, Marc M., sent in this question about a losing a remote/transponder key:"What do I do if my key is stolen (transponder/wireless key) and I'm away from civilization?"Marc, I sure hope this is a
Don't overlook these vital parts
A wheel bearing is a vital component of every car. It's a good thing you will know right away when it needs to be replaced. The sound sound alone will be enough to make you worry. A bearing failure can lead
It depends on your DIY skills
Good day!What should I do with a car that hasn't been used for a very long time? How do I revive a vehicle which has been dormant for two years?Wilfred A. Sell it.Just kidding.Some of us become
It's a matter of...timing
Our reader Jovellanos A. sent in an auto maintenance inquiry about timing belt replacement. Issues like this apply to cars that are a bit older. And we love that! Many of us here in Top Gear Philippines love the charm of older
What's your preference?
Here's a question we're sure will draw a variety of opinions: "Where do you prefer to have your personal car serviced?" Your choices are as follows:a) The casab) At a talyerc) At a branded specialist shopd) At a gas
Prevention is the best defense
The interior of a car is where we spend all of our time driving. Naturally, in our desire to keep our cars looking fresh and new for as long as possible, we should put an even greater premium on the cabin's
It doesn't bring good luck to your ride
Hi, Top Gear Philippines!Recently, I tried to take out a bird's poop from my car. It's been there for more than a year. I had the car detailed in the casa and expected it to be removed during the
There are plenty of ways to save money
Here's a common misconception when it comes to car ownership: "Your expenses will rack up faster than the kilometers on your odometer."It's not a completely false statement though. Owning a car costs fuel, money, responsible financing and the willingness
Preserve your car's paint job
Some years ago, I recall meeting up with some friends who, along with myself, share an intrinsic love for automobiles. In our stimulating discussion about car quirkiness, my obsessive and somewhat eccentric nature led to the topic of why I never fold
Avoid molds and bacteria with these tips
Having a fresh, dry car interior is like having sweat-free armpits on a hot summer day, if you know what I mean. The thing is, summer is over and the rainy season is now in full swing, and just like wet
And you'll be helping the environment
For those of us who like to keep our cars clean and shiny, the rainy season poses a huge challenge. Don't you just feel that Mother Nature's quite the prankster, because whenever you drive away fresh from a car wash
Should I follow my mechanic's advice?
Hello, I have a '97 Mitsubishi GSR Lancer which I purchased three years ago. Halfway through its third year, I heard this strange noise from my engine. I hear it only during cold startups or after a long rest. Sounds like a
You don’t want to be poisoned, do you?
I started noticing a faint fluttering noise coming from my Mazda Miata's engine bay whenever the engine was under load, but only at very low revs. At engine speeds above 4,000rpm the annoying sound disappeared. It was a very soft
Are you certain it's coming from your tires?
Hi sir Ferman,I recently bought a secondhand 2009 Isuzu Crosswind XT. After three and a half months of short- and long-distance driving, I heard a squeaking sound coming from my tires. At first I thought of it as something just
A guide to maintaining your ride
Owning your first new car is an exciting rite of passage. The new car smell, the thrill of washing it on your own (for the first few days, at least), the humble bragging on social media, and yes, the convenience of having
For better performance
After buying a brand-new set of tires, it is essential that you have four-wheel alignment done. This not only ensures that your car will operate within OEM specifications and keep you safe while on the road, but also so that
Pay attention, car owners
The heart of any vehicle is its engine. Its lifeblood, subsequently, is motor oil. With that said, it is of dire importance to realize that your commitment and approach to regular oil changes are what make or break your car's long-
No, not toothpaste
They say the eyes are the windows to one's spirit. In your vehicle's case, it's the headlamps that complete the face. Problem is, once your car ages and its eyes turn into an oxidized, foggy, hepatitis yellow hue, it'
Bad, bad things happen
Engine oil works a lot like blood in your body. It protects all the vital organs inside your car and keeps everything in working order. Unlike blood though, engine oil has a limited shelf life and needs to be replaced regularly. But
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