Want to produce an Aston Martin replica?
You see that sick two-door coupe on display over there? That's going to set you back a couple of million bucks. You're not just paying for the car per se--you're also shelling out for distribution, taxes, marketing,
Are you ready for some Indian Chevys?
General Motors' restructuring saga in Asia-Pacific is not yet over. If you remember, it has announced some changes as part of its restructuring in the region. Its first announcement was the shutdown of its Australian plant, which manufactured large Holden models.
Embracing a new concept
Here's one of the biggest problems that plague large car manufacturers: If a carmaker has a few dozen different models, most probably it also has a few dozen different platforms that share very little or nothing with one another. In a
What happens to Lancer and Evolution?
When you hear the car brand Mitsubishi, the first images that probably pop up in your head are those of the Montero Sport, the Strada and the Mirage. Not too long ago, however, the Lancer and the Galant would probably be the
All 5 of them
In November last year, we gave you a sneak peek into the future of motoring according to Toyota by showing you the Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. A few weeks later, we gave you a deeper insight into what this amazing piece
Milestone unit headed for Japan
The BMW 1-Series recently marked a manufacturing milestone with the production of its two-millionth unit at the German carmaker's Regensburg plant in Germany.The landmark unit is a five-door 120i painted in Estoril Blue Metallic equipped with an
Japan gets first dibs, of course
Mazda has officially begun the production of the all-new MX-5 roadster, with the first units to be sold in its home market of Japan before the car is progressively rolled out to the global market.Production of the MX-5
At the end of their life cycle
As previously reported, General Motors, the mother company of Chevrolet, is restructuring its operations in Thailand. The measure, however, isn't limited to our Southeast Asian neighbor--it applies to the entire region as well.Besides withdrawing its participation in the second
Expect cheaper Thai-sourced cars
Thailand is known as the Detroit of Asia, being one of the biggest car-manufacturing countries in Southeast Asia. As much as we'd like carmakers to set up their regional plants in the Philippines, most have made Thailand their regional hub.
What are they?
Mini has marked two production milestones: its three-millionth car since 2001 and its two-millionth international export unit.The Mini brand was relaunched by the BMW Group in 2001, after it had been acquired from the Rover Group in 1994. And
To boost the daily output to 1,563 units
Fresh from being crowned the 2014 European Car of the Year at the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show, the second-generation Peugeot 308 is quickly becoming one of the French carmaker's most popular models.The new 308 has had 60,000
Defeats Italy in final round
On July 30, we launched an online voting contest called the 2012 AutOlympics, which asked TopGear.com.ph visitors to help us determine which country is "the best car-making nation in the world."If you were one of those who closely
No more nuke fears
With growing fear over the possibility of imported Japanese products being laced with radioactive material from the earthquake- and tsunami-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the global automotive industry was assured cars are free from contamination.The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (
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