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Good news
The local manufacturing industry is about to get a slight boost courtesy of Japanese motor manufacturer and automotive supplier Nidec.According to a recent report by, the firm is set to invest an additional P40 billion into its Philippine manufacturing
Demand continues to remain high
What's in a car's name? Well, if we're talking 'Land Cruiser,' customers are likely in for a pretty long wait.By now you've probably heard the crazy levels of demand Toyota currently has to deal with when it
The game-changer we’ve been waiting for?
Earlier this month, Republic Act no. 11697 finally lapsed into law without President Rodrigo Duterte's signature. Better known as the country's Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act, it's being heralded by its proponents as a possible game-changer in the
This comes a decade after its revival
Nissan has really been shaking things up over the past few years. Now, it has made yet another big announcement: According to a report by Nikkei Asia, the Japanese carmaker is now officially cutting the production of its Datsun cars.The Datsun
Could the local auto industry one day go this route?
Yes, there are similarities between the Indian auto industry and what we have here in the Philippines. As far as manufacturing is concerned, though? The subcontinent is miles ahead of us, with dozens of major car manufacturers heavily invested in the region.
Production will be reduced by 20% in April, 10% in May, and 5% in June
It's been one production hit after the other for Toyota in 2021. This new one, however, is arguably the biggest that the carmaker will be taking so far this year.According to a report by Reuters, Toyota Motor Corporation will be
The latest shutdown will set Toyota’s production back by 13,000 units
Automakers just can't catch a break, can they? Toyota Motor Corporation, after multiple plant shutdowns over the past year or so, is now halting production in its home market of Japan yet again.According to a report by Reuters, the Japanese
Previous floods in Malaysia affected supply of non-semiconductor components
More automakers are set to scale down manufacturing in Japan yet again. According to a report by Nikkei Asia, Honda and Nissan will cut production in February due to supply-chain disruptions.The floods in Malaysia in December have reportedly hampered the
Sacrifices have to be made
Good news? It's going to be a very interesting time for Honda fans as the car brand begins to shift its focus towards electric vehicles. Bad news? This transition isn't going to happen without some casualties.According to a new
On average, the company would have to build 900,000 cars per month
Production of automotive companies took a hit last year due to a lot of issues-aside from multiple pandemic-related lockdowns, there were also supply-chain disruptions and the ongoing global chip shortage to deal with.Toyota, for example, has had to
No wonder deliveries are taking forever
Last week, Toyota officially confirmed a four-year estimated delivery time for brand-new Land Cruiser units in Japan. Sure, the situation could improve and that wait could be cut short-but not if this kind of situation keeps up.The Japanese
Start of initial production has now been delayed further to Q1 2023
When the Tesla Cybertruck first made its public appearance, we were told that deliveries were expected to begin by 2021. Tesla, however, delayed the start of production to late 2022.Now, it appears the company's plans are set to be pushed
The funding will modernize the brand’s operations in the region
Ford is really going big on its production across the globe. After announcing its $1.05 billion (P48.3 billion) investment to bolster manufacturing at its plant in South Africa, the carmaker is now doing the same for its facilities in Thailand.
It has signed a non-binding agreement with chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries
The global automotive industry has been badly affected by the ongoing semiconductor shortage, with several companies being forced to halt manufacturing and cut production targets in different markets.American carmaker Ford has also been hit by the crisis, but it is now
The company expects to produce 800,000 units globally in December
Just like every other carmaker, Toyota took a big hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite that, it still had a relatively good year, becoming the world's top-selling carmaker for the first time in five years.
Now available for the 911 and Boxster
Several years ago, owning a personal 3D printer was kind of looked at as buying into a fad. Now, though? The tech is increasingly looking like the next giant leap in manufacturing everything from toys to car parts.Porsche knows what's
The rise of the machines?
There's no feeling quite like owning a car that you know was worked on by the best of the best by hand. Simply put, you just can't replicate the personal touch of someone who cares about their work.Or can
When do you think the situation will normalize?
The ongoing global computer chip shortage isn't just a matter of producing the chips themselves. Many factors come into play, including how exactly these chips can be moved around despite restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.According to a
As well as to cut costs
The global auto industry is a very competitive one-at times, even cut-throat. It isn't uncommon, though, to see rivals teaming up in order to address a common concern.According to a report by Nikkei Asia, some of Japan's
They have a point
Yes, the Philippines is lagging when it comes to electric-vehicle adoption. This doesn't mean, though, that there aren't ways through which our country can take advantage of this global motoring revolution.During this year's Liveable Cities Challenge Lab-
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