Now THAT'S how you restomod a Ferrari F40
To say that the F40 is a legend is probably the easiest opinion to get away with in the car world. After all, it's a limited-run Ferrari, built to be raw, lightweight and fast. It's gorgeous, focused and uncompromising,
“It was always a dream to own a Mercedes”
He's done it again. Black Eyed Peas frontman already has a custom hot rod, a modded Tesla, and even a future-fied DeLorean, but we gotta feeling you'll have opinions about his new car: the will.i.
A visual representation of its abilities
Rolls-Royce prides itself on the historic exploits of its archive in traversing any terrain, and rightly so. But those cars, engineered to withstand much trauma, wore such talents lightly. Visually, at least.Enter the Germans. Bavarian tuning outfit delta4x4 has decided
Does it speak to the hipster in you?
Inexplicable special-edition-of-the-week alert: David Brown Automotive has teamed up with fellow Brit company Marshall Amplification to produce this: the inventively named Mini Remastered Marshall Edition.Just 60 examples of this 83hp A-series-engined restomod will be built,
Not for the faint of heart
Got your new fifth-generation Range Rover on order and wondering how to personalize it once it arrives? German tuner Manhart has some thoughts-this is the Manhart Vogue RV 650.Enough gold for you? Manhart says that it'll paint your
It was inevitable
Apocalypse Manufacturing. Quite the name for a car company, isn't it?But then, the Florida-based firm doesn't exactly build your common or garden crossovers. Take its latest product as an example - this is the Dark Horse, a six-wheeled,
Embrace the hate
Have you ever chimed in on a conversation only to be met by scoffs and rolling eyes? Don't worry, you're not alone-because the car scene can, at times, be a very divisive one.Every car guy out there has
Bet you didn’t see that coming
In today's episode of things you didn't expect to read in 2022, Ford has built a one-off, Pope-themed Ford Bronco. Because of course it has.The Wimbledon White creation you see above pays homage to the specially modified
The little details are gorgeous
If you're a regular on these pages, you'll know that here at Top Gear, we're big fans of the work Ringbrothers is doing in the restomod muscle-car scene. Just have a look at this 1969 Camaro and Mustang
“Basically a Lamborghini Huracan undercover”
Underground Racing, purveyor of some of the fastest modified Lamborghinis on planet Earth, has announced a tuning package for the brand-new Audi R8 V10 Plus.Yep, not satisfied with the natural aspiration of Audi's rather lovely 5.2-liter V10
In case that's your thing
Car colors are fairly polarizing at the best of times, but we fear this one may have the Internet whipped into something resembling an 8-bit frenzy.This is the work of Russian tuner TopCar (wonder where they got the idea for
Which one would you go for?
Desperate to spend your money on a V8-powered a short-wheelbase Land Rover Defender 90, but can't bring yourself to buy a V8 direct from JLR? Well, your prayers may have been answered by Dutch coachbuilder Niels van Roij.Get
Phone-a-tuner, anyone?
Remember when, back in November 2021, Dodge announced its intention to hire a 'Chief Donut Maker' on a $150,000 salary? Well, it's now back with another brilliantly crazy idea-a special telephone hotline that provides live technical support to anyone
For those who’d rather go trekking as a group than taking off solo
We're big fans of the off-roading work done by delta4x4 here at Top Gear. Heck, anyone that fits a Suzuki Jimny with portal axles deserves a pat on the back. We rather like this latest project, too-a beefed-up,
And that V12 is mid-mounted. Because of course
The Toyota Quantum, or the Hiace to everyone else around the world, is a staple part of South African automotive furniture. Mainly because it's the nation's taxi. But you-or any South African, for that matter-has never seen one
Check out this stanced Volkswagen Tiguan
You don't need us to tell you, but we will: Crossovers have taken over the world. Forget wagons-we've all decided that these jacked-up things are the perfect family cars.However, young parents these days would have grown up
Revealed at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show
Subaru's display at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show was headlined by the Viziv Adrenaline Concept, the Forester e-Boxer and GT Edition, and the refreshed Impreza. There was one model showcased in the Japanese carmaker's booth, though, that we figured
911s as wide as the eye can see
If you're a fan of arse-engined cars from Stuttgart, you've probably heard of Rauh-Welt Begriff. Or RWB, to give it its shorter moniker. They're the crazy Porsches with outlandishly widebody kits and the kind of wings that
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