Absolutely drool-worthy
If you didn't know, this year is Ferrari's 70th birthday. So the guys in Maranello gave the museum a lick of paint, a new extension, and filled it with some of the rarest, fastest and loveliest Prancing Horses to come
Concepts, movie cars, and racing legends
A few months ago, we got a sneak peek of the 2,000hp Toyota Land Speed Cruiser. It's the work of Toyota's racing division, and rolled out of the Los Angeles workshop that just so happens to sit beside Toyota'
Just 1km from the ferry terminal
During a quick trip to Macau, we got the chance to visit a museum that gearheads and motorsport fans would surely love to check out before spending time behind slot machines. After docking at Macau Ferry Terminal and a quick Google search
This museum houses serious car porn
Nineteen-ninety-eight. This was the year I started professionally racing in the then BF Goodrich Challenge Cup at Subic International Raceway. The series was open to novice drivers like me, but we also shared the spotlight with the more experienced C-
Recognize any of these vehicles?
Nestled near the Twin Ring Motegi track is a simple building with a businesslike facade typical of Japanese architecture. Only the large glass enclosure in the middle gives away its true purpose. Inside this structure is a gathering of cars that will
Spanning 8 decades of car history
The home city of any carmaker--that is, any automotive company that cherishes its heritage--has a museum. Mazda is no different in this regard. During a recent trip to its Hiroshima hometown in Japan, among the many places we visited in
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