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Brace yourselves
A couple of years ago, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued Department Administrative Order (DAO) No. 21-03, which essentially prohibited automotive and motorcycle dealerships to sell their products on an 'installment-only' basis.It looks like some dealerships still
Or any other fake parts for that matter
Rule number one when you're buying car parts online: If the price of an item looks way too good to be true, it probably is. Live by this, lest you end up putting subpar parts into your vehicle and cause serious
More breathing room
Attention, car owners: If your vehicle's license plate ends in 9, you're going to have a little extra breathing room to renew your Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration.The agency has announced that cars with expiring LTO registration now have
Do we take it too seriously sometimes?
I am trying, and failing, to jam another stack of flattened Amazon boxes into our recycling bin, when I notice Bob beckoning furtively from across the road. Bob lives on our street. We're on first-name terms. We're definitely not
Out with the old, in with the new. Teofilo Guadiz III has taken his seat as the new head of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), and already has some big shake-ups planned for the agency.Last week, the official told the
Be careful what you pay for
We have all seen them in malls: Car brands offering absurdly low down payments and flexible terms for brand-new offerings. And sure, at a time when everything from fuel to eggs is reaching historically high prices, the offer of a discount
Have you heard of any more cases like this?
Driving a lemon car out of a dealership is an uphill battle the moment the first signs of trouble begin to surface. A recent case ruled in favor of the buyer, though, proves that taking your battle to the courts isn't
Think a setup like this would work in PH?
You know how they say car ownership isn't a right, and that it's a privilege? Nowhere in the world is this sentiment truer than in Singapore, where certificates of entitlement (COE) for automobiles make vehicle ownership much more expensive than
How to deal with scrap cars
What happens when you wreck or scrap your vehicle? Say you got into an accident and while you came out relatively unscathed, your vehicle is now a total loss. If you happen to have the foresight to have insurance that is cooperative,
Here are some computations for all four of Changan’s local offerings
The costs of owning a vehicle don't actually end with the SRP. When you finally pull the trigger on a brand-new car, that merely marks the start of your expenses.One of the biggest factors in terms of ownership costs
More breathing room
Vehicle owners with license plates ending in 6, the extended validity of your registration is about to come to an end.If your car's plate ends in this numeral, you have until July 31 to renew your vehicle's Land Transportation
Little adjustments can go a long way
Not all of us have the luxury of picking out and buying brand-new cars. For many of us, our daily drivers are simply hand-me-downs or service vehicles our employers have assigned to us (sana all). In some cases, though,
Sadly, not all models are part of this promo
Getting old isn't just tough on the body-it's pretty hard on the wallet, too. The same goes for most cars, which rack up maintenance costs just as quickly as they do kilometers on the odometer.If you're the
Do you rent your car out?
Well, here's your weekly reminder that it's a dog-eat-dog world for car owners out there. The Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) is warning of a new modus that goes by the moniker 'rent-tangay.'How
Not surprisingly, the House of Mouse rules
MBLM, a global marketing agency, has just released its Brand Intimacy Study for 2022. The report studies how consumers bond with the brands they use and love. Alongside that, however, the results feature the highest-ranking brands when it comes to emotion.
When the inevitable happens
One of the most common motoring-related questions we lawyers get is from surviving family members who are stuck with a vehicle still registered in the name of the deceased relative: How can the LTO registration of these vehicles can be transferred
Our readers give some advice
There are several other ways a couple can seal their relationship aside from saying 'I dos' at the altar. Moving in together is one. Buying a dog or some other pet together is another popular way to go about it.But what
Is this necessary?
So, you're tired of your car's stock color and what to replace its finish with something a little flashier. Problem is, you aren't willing to go through the process of registering your vehicle's new look with the Land
“It depends”
You see it all the time in movies: The dude with the car gets the girl, while the nice kid without one is left on the sidelines crushing on her instead.It's a common trope in films and pop culture, but
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