The faster you act, the better the result
No one wants to park their car underneath the intense heat of the summer sun, and often a tree is the most convenient place to find shade. The problem is trees produce sap, which can drop onto your car's finish and
Should I bring it to the dealership?
Hi. I'm just wondering if you can give me advice about my car's paint problem. I bought a brand-new Honda City in 2012. I've never had it repainted. But lately I've been seeing clear coat peeling off
Why your car might not need it
You've just signed over your hard-earned cash to purchase the car of your dreams. Right before turning over the keys to you, however, the salesperson offers you a service called rust-proofing.He explains that it's a treatment wherein
A big no-no for car lovers
Just mentioning the words "leaning" and "car" in the same sentence sends bad vibes throughout my system. Among the top no-nos in my automotive pet peeves list is when someone decides to shift his center of gravity and use my car'
For this month of August only
If only we could keep our cars in pristine condition forever. But from the moment we drive off the dealership's lot, little scratches, dents and nicks accumulate over time. And then one day, we look at our car and realize it
Is your paint job on this list?
Just how much does a car's color mean to its owner? If the latest numbers from PPG Industries are any indication, a vehicle's paint job plays a significant role in deciding whether a car is bought or not.The global
Useful advice on exterior paint
One of the most common questions we get from our readers is this: What car color is the best when it comes to ease of maintenance? In other words, the shade of paint that doesn't easily look dirty or doesn't
Available in limited editions
There are some colors that just go well with a car--any car. Black always speaks the language of timeless, quiet elegance. On the other hand, you can never go wrong with a shade of white. And red just brings out the
To tell the world how excited you are
If you're a car guy, just thinking about certain makes and models of automobiles makes you feel like you're in love. You know the feeling: sweaty palms, excitement, faster heartbeat.Well, now, there is a car that can actually let
But in limited quantities only
It's natural to want something others don't have. This makes what we own a little more special. If you show up at your group's supercar fun run in a red Ferrari 458, seeing three other guys in a similar
Featuring his signature styling
To many car enthusiasts, leaving a car stock just won't cut it. A change of wheels and tires is usually a good start. Some will play around with the interior and change the sound system. Others will add a bodykit or
Meet the self-cleaning car
Nissan is developing a technology that may soon put car-wash businesses out of, well, business. The Japanese carmaker's European arm has reportedly begun tests of an innovative paint technology "that repels mud, rain and everyday dirt, meaning drivers may never
It\'s like being there in spirit
Last January 19 marked the 2014 Sinulog Festival, being the third Sunday of the opening month of the year. That\'s when the festival commemorating our conversion to Roman Catholicism is traditionally held. So what has this got to do with cars?
Foilacar gets good business for this purpose
When you mention car-wrapping, you immediately think of two primary reasons for why a vehicle owner would want to avail of it. First is the obvious: Car wraps provide an instant cosmetic makeover without the need for an actual paint job.
Conducted by industrial coating organization
If you think hand-washing your car is good not only for you as an exercise but also for your car since you think you can reach the really dirty spots, think again. Based on a study conducted by Paint Research Association,
Limited to US-market models for now
Ford is taking mass-market automotive painting to the next level by creating the industry\'s first three-dimensional dirt-detection technology.According to Ford, the system uses high-resolution cameras and reflected light to \"digitally identify surface imperfections finer than a
Give your car's shoes a new color
We're starting a new series called "The Facebook Files," which aims to feature interesting finds on the popular social-media site. A find could be a photo, an anecdote, a product, a service, a personality, or just about anything that's
Followed by silver and black
White is still the world's most popular car color based on PPG Industries' annual automotive color popularity and trend study.According to PPG, white topped the ranking with 22 percent, followed by silver (20%), black (19%), gray (12%), red (9%), natural (
Must-see car photos!
This year, we started getting e-mail from A. Kahn Design, a UK-based car-modification company whose mission statement is "to build special vehicles for a small circle of people who have the taste for exclusivity and the finer things in
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