Condensation is its enemy
Have you ever wondered what those thin lines running across the length of your rear window are for? Chances are, you've noticed them but never bothered to find out (unless you already know the answer, in which case there's no
Collectors can relate
Some enthusiasts collect cars, while others collect scale models or badges. I collect steering wheels. At first, I didn't intend to collect them--it just so happened that I already had a couple.And then I saw a blog by a
It's fielding three drivers
This year's Vios Cup season will be injected with some cool colors and fresh talent. After being informally involved in racing for a few years, OEM and aftermarket parts retailer Parts Pro PH has just launched its new motorsports team. Parts
Calling all Land Rover and Jaguar owners
A while back, a friend came to me asking for some help finding a cylinder head for his 1988 Range Rover Classic. I asked around, but nothing solid came up in terms of where he could find parts. He's probably found
Our kind of museum
Museums and galleries usually aren't my thing. Milling about inside one would usually be a mundane experience for me-more so considering I'm fresh off an off-road test drive inside with no-less than Mitsubishi's legendary Hiroshi Masuoka.
Raise your hand if you have a rustbucket
Whether through financial necessity or overwhelming passion, Filipinos have a tendency to keep cars on the road long past their "best by" date. Whether your oldie is a rustbucket or a well-kept classic, however, we're sure you can relate to
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