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The pros teach us how to shoot the right way
I wouldn't dare call myself a professional photographer-that would be an insult to the many talented shooters I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. But as an automotive journalist, I do take photos as part of
The Brits definitely have taste
It's time to *record scratch* rewind and take it back to the old-school. See, having spent the last few years swanning around the world shooting the best supercars on the streets of California, Japan, and Monaco, you may think that
Supercars, sand dunes, snow, sliding: Brighten up your day with these amazing photos
Only those who work in an automotive media brand know the effort it requires to capture that perfect car photo. It has to be the right location, the right time, the ideal weather, and most important, the right concept. And that's
We tested it at the Tokyo Motor Show
In the same way there are car guys and non-car guys, there are camera people and non-camera people-and I'm the most non-camera person I know. I've not touched or even seen my Canon G11 since I
Level up your IG game
Okay, so you're a gearhead with a smartphone. You're always finding yourself in situations where you're exposed to all kinds of interesting vehicles, whether they be cars, trucks or motorcycles. If you've been planning to put up an
Double tap away
Tap-worthy automotive Instagram accounts have grown relatively few and far between since the platform's inception. For every carefully curated collection, there's one or two packed with ads, sponsored posts, lame memes and (gasp!) stolen photos. Blech.If you're
Top Gear's birthplace is a car haven
The premise of our "Supercars of London" series is simple: Firstly, we dispatch Alex Penfold, our supercar paparazzo, onto the streets of London, armed with nothing more than a camera and a bottle of energy drink. Then, he must play a giant
And learn how to produce them
Back in March, we posted the above photo--a long-exposure image of EDSA--on our Facebook page. Also called slow-shutter photography, the process produces pretty amazing visuals. We found the picture so amazing, in fact, that we had to ask
See the creations of a Swiss artist
1982 Porsche 956 Three years ago, Swiss artist Fabian Oefner premiered his 'Disintegrating' series: a stunning Ferrari 330 P4 photographed to recreate the impression that it had actually exploded. It hadn't, of course, because Fabian actually likes cars. What he did
An epic drive down under
Four days. That's how long the assignment to drive and document the all-new Kia Sportage in Australia took. But believe me, those four days were not enough to soak in every detail needed to provide an extensive review of the
Because they can make or break your pics
First, allow me to apologize for having kept my column posts too few and far between. The past few months have been busy for me with all the shoots both in and out of the magazine. Fortunately, there's now a small
That's Land Rover Club PH
Last July 27, we posted a photo on our Facebook page showing the Volkswagen Club of the Philippines forming the VW logo with the colorful cars of its members. Presumably taken with a drone camera, the bird's-eye view was a
As found in an Australian-market unit
As we've already told you, Toyota Motor Philippines is launching the all-new Hilux at the end of this month. Understandably, pickup fans are very excited, and they want to know more about this new-generation model.TMP already has actual
Because car pics are better than selfies
When was the last time you took your car out on a road trip? Not too long ago, we hope. Should you take the wheel for a last summer hurrah, please don't document your journey using just your handy smartphone. And
More stunning than Maria Ozawa
So, everyone is talking about Maria Ozawa being in town. If you don't know who she is, you're probably a girl. Or a priest.Anyway, our colleagues from FHM Philippines had a nice date with her last night, while we
All's well that ends well
In this Great Era of Google, in which practically everything can be downloaded from the Internet, anyone can grab another person's work and pass it off as his very own. Just ask Manny V. Pangilinan: Never hire a speechwriter who has
We visit the home of the G-Class
The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been around for more than 35 years. Since its introduction, its body has been essentially unchanged, with only the interior and the powertrain receiving upgrades. You would think, then, that you'd see more G-Class
In case you love open-top motoring
Adversity, they say, is the best route to success. Those who usually have their backs against the wall are the ones who end up winning the gold. Don't believe this? Just look at the Porsche Boxster. The little German roadster that
New metal that's hotter than summer
Based on the crushing crowd that braved the heat and trooped to the 2015 Manila International Auto Show which opened yesterday, it seems the interest in cars is greater than ever. This is good news for an already bullish automotive industry.As
You need this in your car-obsessed life
For several years, you grew accustomed to buying our annual magazine special, "The Roll-Out Issue." For this year, we're officially retiring that once-a-year release and replacing it with this one: Car Lust. That's primarily because the editor
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