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Seventeen years after the company was founded
The Santa Rosa facility was established in 1990 and began production in 1992
Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) announced today, February 22, that it is shutting down automobile production at its Santa Rosa facility in Laguna effective March 2020. The manufacturing plant currently produces the City subcompact sedan and the BR-V mini-SUV."To meet
Music to our ears
In a world of increasing complication, Porsche's boss has promised Top Gear that his firm will keep building straightforward drivers' cars as long as people want them."We will continue with our puristic sports cars-GT3, GT3 RS, GT2 RS, and
We really are living in the future
When we heard Ford and McDonald's were starting a new collaboration, we didn't think producing car parts would be the end goal-let alone producing ones out of coffee waste. To be honest, most of us never even thought there
The Shogun, as the Pajero is known there, sold 114,164 units in 37 years
For a very specific and likely small audience, we have some bad news: The Mitsubishi Shogun-otherwise known as the Pajero-will no longer be offered for sale in the UK.Mitsubishi has announced it will no longer sell brand-new units
That’s a lot of McLarens
McLaren has announced that it has built its 20,000th road car at its production center in Woking. The factory was completed only in 2011, so that number discounts the 106 iconic F1s that were built between 1992 and 1998. Impressive stuff.
The company first announced the plans for closure in February
It's official: Honda has confirmed that its Swindon factory is to close. The plant, which employs 3,500 people, will shut down when the current Civic goes out of production in 2021.Honda first announced plans to close the factory, which
To 115 destinations across the globe
If you own a Nissan, chances are it was produced at a manufacturing facility in Thailand. The Japanese carmaker exports a ton of vehicles-including the Terra midsize SUV and the Navara midsize pickup- from our Southeast Asian neighbor.Just how big
We hardly knew ye
There's been speculation for a little while, but yesterday, Volkswagen announced the official end of its beloved Beetle, as the brand moves to being a "full-line, family-focused automaker." Yes, this announcement came from the US of A.The Beetle
Car to also go on sale in Europe and US this year
With orders for the Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car exceeding the Japanese carmaker's 2015 forecast for the vehicle in its home market by nearly 300%, the company has decided to increase the car's production, especially since it will also be
Only 22 months after inauguration
Maserati is once again in the news but for a totally different reason. Less than two years after the inauguration of the Italian carmaker's Giovanni Agnelli Plant in Grugliasco, Italy, it has already produced its 50,000th unit.The Giovanni Agnelli
To be available in more than 120 countries
Production of the sixth-generation Ford Mustang has finally begun at the American carmaker's Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan.The all-new Mustang may very well prove to be the most popular in the nameplate's 50-year history since
Time to snap up a future collectible?
After a production run of 12 years and with 636,143 units produced, the Volvo XC90 has stopped being produced by the Swedish car manufacturer at its Gothenburg plant. The very last unit is set to roll off the line and be
Produced since 1974
The Volkswagen Golf nameplate has recently set a milestone in production. First produced in 1974, the Golf is now in its seventh generation with the 30 millionth unit rolling out of the German carmaker\'s Wolfsburg plant.Based on that figure, an
Much faster than the Murcielago
In production since 2011, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 has reached a production milestone with the 2,000th unit--finished in Nero Nemesis--rolling off the assembly line and heading to the United States.According to the Italian carmaker, the production
The modern version, not the classic one
In production since 2007, the modern Fiat 500 recently reached a milestone as the one millionth unit of the Italian carmaker's city car rolled out of its factory in Poland.The record-breaking model is painted in three-layer Funk White
Enough to provide power to a town of 15,000 people
Renault is one of the world's largest carmakers. Recently, it also became the carmaker with the world's largest photovoltaic system when it unveiled 400,000sqm of photovoltaic panels at six of its production plants in France.The solar panels are
Nearly 77 years of car manufacture
Without any fanfare or fancy celebration, Toyota Motor Corporation marked a milestone last June as its worldwide cumulative vehicle production reportedly surpassed 200 million units.The 200-millionth-unit milestone was reached at the end of June after the Japanese carmaker's
To increase Ranger and BT-50 production
Ford and Mazda are expanding their partnership in their AutoAlliance Thailand plant by investing an additional $27 million in it "to further upgrade the pickup truck line and increase capacity by another 20,000 units per year."According to both carmakers, the
To the delight of Japanese car purists
Honda Cars Philippines will be importing the Jazz, Accord and Civic from Japan while Honda Motor's Thailand plant is under renovation after it was hit by a devastating flood late last year. "Starting February 2012, we will be importing the Jazz,
We can only wish Infiniti moves it here
Nissan is reportedly looking to transfer majority of the production of its luxury brand Infiniti out of Japan to keep its products profitable in the face of the country's surging yen.This was revealed by Infiniti's executive vice president Andy
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