Allow us to explain the choices
Congratulations! You're now ready for that next step in welcoming the newest baby of the family--your four-wheeled baby. And that next step is trading the bunch of bills you've set aside.You're swapping cold, hard cash for
So you don't waste time on the wrong ones
It's the day before V-Day, and your social-media feed is probably inundated with love articles, date-place suggestions, and classic advice stories on "finding the one." Readings about the latter inevitably end by saying that you just know when
How do we compare with our ASEAN neighbors?
Nearly half of all Filipino households--or 47%, to be exact--are carless, according to the Nielsen Global Survey of Automotive Demand. The study--which was conducted between August 14 and September 6, 2013, and polled more than 30,000 consumers in
Imagine if this were the case in the Philippines
Here's another blessing Filipino car owners need to be thankful for: Unlike our Singaporean counterparts, we don't need to acquire an expensive "Certificate of Entitlement" just for the right to purchase a new vehicle. Yes, in Singapore, before you can
<p>(UPDATED) Who will  get a chance to win a  Subaru Impreza WRX?</p>
Are all car salesmen out to make a quick buck through underhanded means? Read this carefully before walking into a car dealership? <br />
Ever hear the one about a car salesman selling an unsuspecting customer a lemon car? Or how financing numbers are manipulated so that the buyer comes away feeling like he made off with a bargain, when in fact he ended up paying
Buying a new car may be a little less stressful if it didn't involve loads of hard-earned money.
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