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The LTO also extended the validity of select registrations and driver’s licenses
If your registration expired in August, you have until October 31 to renew it
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) previously announced that the registration validity of vehicles with plates ending in 8, 9, and 0 will be extended for a month. Kudos to the agency for being proactive, but it looks like that extension won't
The LTO on Wheels will be in the area starting 8am
Got any pending transactions with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) that you just can't seem to finish? If you live in Quezon City, here's something that might help you out: the LTO on Wheels.For today, September 29, the mobile
The Internet can be a dangerous place
Not long ago, you may have noticed a post circulating online alleging that a certain Land Transportation Office (LTO) branch is requiring motorists to give up their Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) passwords prior to registration renewal. Now, the LTO is addressing
The alarms will be re-tagged in the LTO’s system as needed
While the Supreme Court has already issued a temporary restraining order on the implementation of no-contact apprehension (NCAP) in the metro, the saga still continues. Now, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is dealing with registration-related issues due to NCAP.It
The agency is trying to determine the issue
Did anyone here visit the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to sort out their driver's license or car registration recently? If you were stuck at one of its branches for an extended period of time, the agency wants you to know it'
Is it really worth it?
While formats like '2 joints' and '#1 Lodi' are completely illegal, there are still ways to go about customizing your license plates within the bounds of the law. It's going to cost you, though.The Land Transportation Office (LTO) recently issued
The LTO has also announced the extension of licenses and registration documents
As expected
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) recently announced the extension of the validity of driver's licenses and other documents expiring this month. As expected, the agency is also doing the same for the motor vehicle registration of select vehicles.The LTO has
Take note
Waiting on another registration validity extension from the Land Transportation Office (LTO)? Well, here it is: The agency has confirmed another extension for July.The LTO has confirmed that the registration of all motor vehicles with license plates ending in 7 will
The agency just caught fixers offering ‘non-appearance’ registration services
If you have any transactions with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), conduct them the right way. We know there are still a lot of fixers out there that can make life easier for you for an added price, but those seemingly harmless
The agency says buying automobiles is his right
He can't drive, but he can still buy and register cars with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). This is the message newly instated LTO officer-in-charge Romeo Vera Cruz gave when asked for an update regarding the SUV driver from
Here’s everything you need to know about deeds of sales for motor vehicles
We have all been there. We're up and ready to buy a new (to us) secondhand vehicle. We have cash in hand, and as we go up to shake the seller's hand, he instead turns over a piece of paper
Think a setup like this would work in PH?
You know how they say car ownership isn't a right, and that it's a privilege? Nowhere in the world is this sentiment truer than in Singapore, where certificates of entitlement (COE) for automobiles make vehicle ownership much more expensive than
These were the actual papers we got when we registered our vehicle
Have any of you guys renewed the registration of any of your cars in recent months? We know the Land Transportation Office (LTO) keeps extending the registration validity of a lot of vehicles month in and month out, but we'll have
How to deal with scrap cars
What happens when you wreck or scrap your vehicle? Say you got into an accident and while you came out relatively unscathed, your vehicle is now a total loss. If you happen to have the foresight to have insurance that is cooperative,
More breathing room
Vehicle owners with license plates ending in 6, the extended validity of your registration is about to come to an end.If your car's plate ends in this numeral, you have until July 31 to renew your vehicle's Land Transportation
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