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For starters, don’t open the radiator cap immediately
A problem you should definitely fix
Hear that? That knocking sound from under your hood?Okay, we hope you don't actually hear anything aside from the sound of your engine running smoothly. But alas, as any car owner knows, things can and do break down as your
Because summer is around the corner
Summer is great. Vacations, beach trips, cook-outs, drives to Baguio, and lots of fun stuff to do. However, it can get terribly hot and the sun can damage various parts of the car. The best way to prevent sun damage is
We need more of these people in the world
Whenever we read about tricycles in the news these days, it usually comes with negative associations. Reckless trike drivers, slow three-wheelers impeding traffic on national highways, and rusty contraptions overloaded with passengers. You name it.But a recent story posted by
What's the fix?
One of our readers sent in a question about a problem with his horn. Apparently, he replaced his steering wheel and now his horn doesn't work. Here's the inquiry:"I need advice on how to fix my horn. It started
It's a matter of...timing
Our reader Jovellanos A. sent in an auto maintenance inquiry about timing belt replacement. Issues like this apply to cars that are a bit older. And we love that! Many of us here in Top Gear Philippines love the charm of older
What's your preference?
Here's a question we're sure will draw a variety of opinions: "Where do you prefer to have your personal car serviced?" Your choices are as follows:a) The casab) At a talyerc) At a branded specialist shopd) At a gas
Long live the local talyer
The most peculiar thing happened the other day. My car had been regularly discharging its battery if left unused for more than three days. This annoyed me because I had just spent on buying her a new battery, and I couldn't
Always keep them in tip-top shape
Having a non-functioning brake light is not only unsafe, it is also a violation for which you can be issued a citation for. Brake lights give notice to the vehicle behind you that you're slowing down, and hence they should
Leave it to the pros
So you just bought your first car. Great! And now, you're excited about the prospect of tinkering and fixing up your ride to your heart's content. Who needs to go to a shop, you think to yourself. You've read
A tale of love, family, and a really bad car
In 2015, my Dad bought 'It.'It came out of nowhere. I arrived home from my usual nine to five at the office to find It sitting there inside our two-car garage. It was occupying the space usually reserved for our
Is this an electrical or mechanical issue?
I own a Honda Civic 2007 FD MT. Lately the check engine light always turns on. When it starts from cold, there is no issue. But when I turn off the engine after a drive and then turn it on, it will
First, talk to whoever sold you the car
I bought a secondhand 2015 Toyota Vios. I noticed that its odometer is not functioning. Its digital reading is fixed at 14,260km from the time I bought it. I tried to use Trip A and B but the mileage will read
Owning and maintaining a car should be fun
The very first visit to the talyer doesn't have to be a nerve-wracking (or costly) experience. We're here to be of service and to share our stories, so that you don't have to be on the receiving end
Should I follow my mechanic's advice?
Hello, I have a '97 Mitsubishi GSR Lancer which I purchased three years ago. Halfway through its third year, I heard this strange noise from my engine. I hear it only during cold startups or after a long rest. Sounds like a
You don’t want to be poisoned, do you?
I started noticing a faint fluttering noise coming from my Mazda Miata's engine bay whenever the engine was under load, but only at very low revs. At engine speeds above 4,000rpm the annoying sound disappeared. It was a very soft
Be prepared for almost anything
Have a driver's license long enough and you'll need no reminder on the number of ways these streets can ruin your day, or worse, kill you (gasp!). Everything from that inconspicuous pothole a couple of feet ahead, to an out-
Are you certain it's coming from your tires?
Hi sir Ferman,I recently bought a secondhand 2009 Isuzu Crosswind XT. After three and a half months of short- and long-distance driving, I heard a squeaking sound coming from my tires. At first I thought of it as something just
For lowered suspensions
When fitting wider wheels and using a lower suspension setup, there is a possibility that the tires of your car will rub up against the fenders when you tackle corners, or when traversing undulating sections of road. Carrying passengers and heavy cargo
The fix can be time-consuming
Hi Ferman Lao,My 2011 Toyota Corolla Altis M/T 1.6G is producing a foul smell from its exhaust. It started in 2014. Then, one of the ignition coils died while I was driving. I replaced just the busted unit despite "
The pros and cons
If the heat from the Philippine sun wasn't a dead giveaway, we are deep in the throes of our country's summer season. More than that, we are currently experiencing the mass exodus of people known as Holy Week. With all
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