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Car care is just as important when you’re stuck indoors
ECQ, MECQ, GCQ...ano na?It's the latter half of 2021, and here we are once again living life under a different acronym. As of today, Metro Manila and other areas are under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). This means that our
Don't overlook these vital parts
A wheel bearing is a vital component of every car. It's a good thing you will know right away when it needs to be replaced. The sound sound alone will be enough to make you worry. A bearing failure can lead
It's a matter of...timing
Our reader Jovellanos A. sent in an auto maintenance inquiry about timing belt replacement. Issues like this apply to cars that are a bit older. And we love that! Many of us here in Top Gear Philippines love the charm of older
Long live the local talyer
The most peculiar thing happened the other day. My car had been regularly discharging its battery if left unused for more than three days. This annoyed me because I had just spent on buying her a new battery, and I couldn't
Maintenance is a few clicks away
Servicing is something no car owner can let slip from his or her schedule. In some cases, one missed trip to the mechanic can spell the difference between reaching your destination safely, or ending up stuck on the side of a road
Leave it to the pros
So you just bought your first car. Great! And now, you're excited about the prospect of tinkering and fixing up your ride to your heart's content. Who needs to go to a shop, you think to yourself. You've read
Squeaking can lead to more serious issues
Your drive and fan belts should not be overlooked, as these car parts are crucial for proper engine operation. Both can eventually fall prey to wear, and even begin exhibiting audible signs of it such as irritating squeaking noises.The thing is,
Try checking the clutch hose
Hello, Top Gear Philippines. I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Adventure diesel. Recently, I changed the pressure plate, clutch disc and release bearing. Dahil palaging lumusot ang clutch ko naka ilang palit na ako ng slave. Same result. The master has been replaced
Should I follow my mechanic's advice?
Hello, I have a '97 Mitsubishi GSR Lancer which I purchased three years ago. Halfway through its third year, I heard this strange noise from my engine. I hear it only during cold startups or after a long rest. Sounds like a
Are you certain it's coming from your tires?
Hi sir Ferman,I recently bought a secondhand 2009 Isuzu Crosswind XT. After three and a half months of short- and long-distance driving, I heard a squeaking sound coming from my tires. At first I thought of it as something just
For lowered suspensions
When fitting wider wheels and using a lower suspension setup, there is a possibility that the tires of your car will rub up against the fenders when you tackle corners, or when traversing undulating sections of road. Carrying passengers and heavy cargo
Straight from the source
We recently posted an article about taking your car for service before Holy Week, but don't just take our word for it. Here are some recommendations from our friends in the automotive industry when asked when the best time would be
The pros and cons
If the heat from the Philippine sun wasn't a dead giveaway, we are deep in the throes of our country's summer season. More than that, we are currently experiencing the mass exodus of people known as Holy Week. With all
Sometimes, love just ain't enough
There are many reasons to keep an old car, not the least of which being the freedom from monthly payments. But few cars are meant to be keepers. If you see your car as an asset for your livelihood, there's little
Trust is important
How you go about maintaining your car is a very personal thing. If your car is brand-new, you probably still go to the casa for periodic maintenance. But after the warranty-period service runs out, peso-pinchers will probably go elsewhere
1st in the automotive industry
Lamborghini's expertise in the development and manufacture of carbon fiber has earned for the Italian carmaker a certification from German safety validation organization TUV.The certification, which is reportedly the first in the automotive industry, recognizes Lamborghini's technological leadership in
Second one to open soon in Cavite
Bosch Philippines and Chevron Philippines have opened the very first Caltex Bosch Car Service workshop located at a Caltex service station.Located on A. Santos Avenue in Parañaque, the first Caltex Bosch Car Service workshop is a fully equipped workshop with
With new service promotion
Ford Philippines is looking out for its old, out-of-warranty models by launching its \"Get More For Less\" service promotion.Under the promo, Ford vehicles with expired warranties can avail of a free genuine Ford oil filter and a 10% discount
Soon to be offered in all 41 of Hyundai\'s dealerships
Hyundai car owners no longer need to wait more than an hour during their vehicle\'s preventive maintenance service. Hyundai Asia Resources, the authorized distributor of the Korean carmaker in the Philippines, has just launched its Jet Service Premium system in 21
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