Is it even worth restoring?
Imagine you find your dream car up for sale. One you've dreamed of owning ever since you were a kid. One that's fast, flashy, and widely considered to be the stuff of legend. Hell, its development even included input from
You know who it is...
A 1980 Range Rover Classic believed to have been owned by the one and only Bob Marley goes under the hammer with Classic Car Auctions without reserve at the end of March. Note that phrase 'without reserve'. We're not talking about
by Cat Dow
To be honest, we can't imagine that detailing cars-as in the real dirty work-level stuff-is all that glamorous. But damn, we can't help but dream of doing it for a living after watching this video.As far
Rare na rare, paps
To this day, a lot of car enthusiasts still go head over heels for the Mitsubishi Pajero. It's really no wonder the resale value of the famed nameplate has remained high over the years.I know this because I often spend
“It didn’t look economically viable to attempt to return it to its former glory”
Amazing to think this used to be an unloved Ferrari Dino in a serious state of disrepair.Before it got bad, it was good. This Dino was Ferrari's show car at the 1969 Frankfurt Motor Show-the seventh of just 357 '
Now powered by America
From afar, this modified off-roader simply looks like an old-school Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 that's been given a new lease on life. Pop the hood open, though, and you'll be surprised at what will greet you.Are you
And to celebrate the occasion, it’s posed here with a 65,000-ton warship...
The Aston Martin Bulldog is not an easy car to upstage, but if anything in the world of high-performance transport can do it, a 65,000-ton warship gives it a good go. The flight deck of the HMS Prince of
A testament to how big of a difference a simple detailing job can make
After getting their hands dirty with a 1974 Bricklin SV-1, the guys from Ammo NYC now got busy with a 1969 Pontiac LeMans 350 Convertible.This particular classic was in similar shape as the aforementioned Bricklin, both having been neglected for
It’s oddly calming to watch
Ever feel satisfaction or an odd sense of calm while watching dirty old cars get cleaned or restored? We think this is something almost any car guy can relate to. Nothing like a clean coat of paint or a pressure washer in
There’s not one of the beautifully restored air-cooled Porsche 911s left
Fans of inordinately desirable old air-cooled Porsche 911s with inordinate amounts of disposable income, we bring sad tidings. Singer has sold every single one of its Design and Lightweighting Study cars.Ahead of a debut for a client's DLS car
And sold it as quickly as its once-record-setting speed
Bugatti has fully restored the very first Veyron Grand Sport prototype, the 'convertible' version of the car formerly known as the fastest in the world.The prototype itself dates back to 2008 and its reveal at Pebble Beach. It was a 'white
It had just been sitting quietly in the carmaker’s HQ
A car is MX-81 Aria of Mazda.It happened on Valentine's Day. On February 14, 2020, somebody at Mazda stumbled upon a curious gold-colored wedge lodged in a small corner of the company's Fuchizaki warehouse.Confusion set in.
Money well spent
Would you spend supercar money on something that, well, isn't a supercar? If your answer is no, Chris Harris recently got behind the wheel of an old, little red rocket that might just change your mind.The £240,000 (around P16
The restored cars look back on the E-Type’s journey to its Geneva launch
That's better, isn't it? A cheery hello to the nicest thing-things-you'll see today, which is a pair of Jaguar E-Types. They're called the '60 Collection,' because they are built in honor of that most famous
We would pull the trigger on this beauty
The beauty of a vehicle will always be in the eye of its beholder. That shriveled rust bucket you pass in the empty lot across the neighborhood sari-sari store during your morning walk to the terminal? To you it might just
Worth it?
Picture this: You're presented with two Toyota Hilux trucks, but can only buy one. The first is a top-spec 2021 unit with a 2.8-liter turbodiesel capable of 201hp and 500Nm, a modern interior, and all the niceties you'
A few years back, Nissan made old-school Skyline GT-R owners the world over ecstatic with the launch of the Nismo Heritage program. Long story short, this essentially made it easy for enthusiasts to get a hold of genuine parts and
It sounds glorious
We know you've seen the Nissan 350Z countless times before. What you probably haven't seen yet, though, is this hybrid 350Z that's an absolute beast of a sports car. It packs a 4.2-liter naturally aspirated VQ engine
Don’t be blinded by the clean looks—this thing generates 518hp
Electrified restomods are, it appears, quite polarizing. So, prepare to be entirely polarized by Totem Automobili's first product. As you can see, it is a restoration of the delightful Alfa Romeo Giulia GT, rendered here using the medium of electricity.Lots
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