A whole lot of extras for the premium you pay over a ‘normal’ Boxster GTS 4.0
Fun fact: The Boxster has been on sale roughly as long as our youngest staffer has been alive. And in those 25 years, Porsche has sold over 43,000 of them...in the UK alone. No wonder there's no shortage of
After all, it sits on the same platform as Kia’s Stinger GT
The Genesis G70 is the latest plucky upstart that thinks it can waltz onto the premium-badged compact sports-sedan battlefield and set up camp among the dominant likes of the BMW 3-Series, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and the Audi
Will it receive as much love as the Jazz?
The Honda Jazz is dead. Long live the Jazz. But as the Jazz exits, we get the new City Hatchback, a more traditional-looking hatchback that shares much of its hardware and styling with the City sedan. As the market marches forward
“It’s a right old laugh without ever giving you the scaries”
It's inevitable: There was always going to be a performance SUV from Hyundai's burgeoning N brand. After nearly four years with just one model in Europe, the superb i30N hot hatch, the South Korean carmaker's feisty performance offshoot has
Big sedan, small turbo engine—is it a good match?
Given the state of Metro Manila's roads, the state of Philippine weather, and the sad state of our traffic management, some would say an SUV is the best choice to drive in this country. With it, you'd have the toughness
“If you don’t take yours on track, you’re missing the point of it.”
The Lamborghini Huracan STO is a Lamborghini Huracan turned up to... well, a good notch above the Performante. The new STO (Super Trofeo Omologata) claims to take the road-going Lambo experience a step closer to the Super Trofeo Evo one-make
The van that can
Once upon a time, the Mitsubishi L300 FB was the de facto choice for moving cargo and people. Sure, other trucks came before it, like the Tamaraw, the Fiera, the Anfra, and even Mitsubishi's own Cimarron. But in the turbulent years
“It’s an EV you’ll want to own just from clapping eyes on it”
The Ioniq 5 is the first of a new family of all-electric cars from Hyundai-expect smaller Ioniq 3s and 4s and a larger Ioniq 6 in the fullness of time. And expect those to be rather excellent machines, if this
Real-world all-electric range is around 32km
Correct. On the outside at least, the new Defender P400e looks almost identical to its combustion-engined siblings. The only giveaway to its electrified nature is the newly sprouted charging flap on the left rear flank.In all other ways, this is
Whatever it costs, it’s worth it
An air-cooled flat-six behaving with such savagery and intensity and reaction and precision-and delivering such an intoxicating noise-that you drive it and are instantly convinced this is it, the zenith, the best road-going internal combustion engine mankind
We can hope
Toyota does its own thing at its own pace-it'll get around to its electric vehicles and tiny fashionable urban crossovers and whatever-else-you're-after when it's good and ready. Someone at HQ has finally realized the firm
“Things that try to be two things tend not to be as good at either thing”
Welcome to the world of WaterCar, a company founded in California (where else?) at the end of the 20th century with a worthy mission: to build the fastest amphibious car on the planet.After two decades of toil, this noble feat was
We give it a proper off-road test
The new Land Rover Defender-one side has given it much praise, while on the other side of the fence, there are those picking up torches and pitchforks for a lynching suited for Frankenstein. As a previous-gen owner, I'll hold
It could be the best all-rounder in its segment
Depending on where you are, the Bayon is now the smallest crossover Hyundai offers. It costs from just over £20,000 (P1.39 million) and it has all the hallmarks of being a slightly taller, boxier version of the i20. A sensible
You must get the manual
Let me interrupt you there. Have the manual. There are plenty of other choices to make when buying a GT3 Touring, but that's the only one that really matters. It puts you more in touch with this engine, makes you think
“It just takes abuse”
After a year or so's hiatus in the UK, the Jimny is back, with a twist: It's now available exclusively as an LCV. That's a light commercial vehicle, which is 'van' in plain English, and in Suzuki speak, it'
Here’s proof that Kia takes performance very seriously
Kia's old tagline was 'the power to surprise.' This matched the brand perfectly at the time, since the improvements Kia has done in the past decade are nothing short of outstanding. It's genuinely surprising to see just how far the
Don’t write it off as a has-been just yet
A new Maserati 'super sports car,' the MC20 is a halo product for sure, but also a massive statement of intent. We fully endorse Maserati's stubborn refusal to become a footnote in the automotive annals.As with several other Italian names,
“It’s refined top up or down”
The story here: a cloth roof. The last two generations of this car (one the last to be badged '3-Series'; the other the first to carry the 4-Series name) deployed three-piece folding metal roof mechanisms, sacrificing weight, packaging, and
A thoroughly enjoyable ride
To be totally honest, Mercedes-Benz's nomenclature sometimes throws me through a loop. Keeping track of the letters it uses and associating them with a certain body type and size are easy enough. But when they tack on more letters on
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