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And the most improved SUV award goes to...
Teaching an old dog new tricks
The pickup-truck market is an anachronism. Buoyed by commercial utility tax breaks, these supposedly rugged vehicles offer more power and luxury than crossovers for less money. But they're usually less refined as well.That said, Nissan has had a good
Say hello to the Peugeot e-2008
This is the Peugeot e-2008, the electric version of the 2008 small SUV that continues to be available with internal combustion power. Maybe we're just getting old, but the strange fact of Peugeots being desirable once again has really snuck
Two infinity and...
In a country where European cars as often viewed as expensive exotics, it's tough to be a mainstream brand like Peugeot. Doesn't help when everything that the French brand builds exhibits a typically quirky avante garde style. Even worse when
Does the fuel savings offset the price of entry?
The way Toyota hybrids perform sophisticated energy accounting and book balancing to maintain their batteries in a perfect state of charge while using as little fuel as possible is fascinating to math nerds and bookworms such as yours truly. But for everyone
“It’s a back to basics feeling without a back to basics cabin”
What we have here is the latest in the more than 50 years of Nissan Z cars-the now-eponymous Nissan Z. So that's a lineage that links back through the 370Z and the 350Z, all the way back through the
It ups the vehicle’s flexibility and ability
We've recently seen a new two-row version of the Grand Cherokee, then a new three-row version, the Grand Cherokee L. This is the new hybrid-4xe in Jeep lingo-variant which is available in the two-row bodyshell only.
We test the workhorse variant of the BT-50 range
We were suitably impressed by the Isuzu-Mazda BT-50 collab when we drove it at the Mazda Philippines HQ. But driving a truck around an empty lot and actually living with it for a few days are two totally different things.
Time to see what this popular little thing can do
While Chinese-built budget crossovers are selling like halo-halo on a hot day, Toyota-which pioneered the crossover concept-doesn't have a budget crossover of its own. Thankfully, corporate partner Daihatsu just happens to have a cheap crossover Toyota can
The Mazda CX-30 looks sharp, but what exactly is the point of this crossover?
In the land of pickup-based SUVs, crossovers have an uphill battle to face. Crossovers typically do not have the ground clearance, seating capacity, or perceived robustness these truck-based vehicles have to offer. It's reflected in sales, too. Remember the
And the initial demand for the model seems to prove this
This is the brand-new Ford F-150 Lightning, and it's a pickup truck that can fit an entire adult under the hood. That's because it's an all-electric version of America's best-selling truck for the last
Here’s how it does in the real world
There are a lot of words to describe the past generations of the Toyota Avanza. It's simple, utilitarian, and no-nonesense. However, those models were also more like utility vehicles than actual MPVs. The ride was harsh, it felt unrefined, and
You can still tell the wife it's a family car
No, but point taken-Merc's naming strategy does appear to be spiraling into silliness. Decode it and what we're looking at here is the most powerful model ever produced from a company not shy of a few horsepower. It's
Does it succeed?
The Range Rover is one of those vanishingly rare cars that defies the industry's traditional product cycle. The current model arrived in 2012, and even in these unpredictable times, it's still hitting the spot with its high-end client base.
This compact SUV’s definitely worth a second look
Subcompact crossovers have been the talk of the town for quite a while now, and rightfully so. The most popular models from this segment are some of the best value-for-money vehicles you can find.However, because of how big this
Sadly not all markets get it
Down in the land of sharks, snakes and spiders, of course. Because Australians, being the generally lucky buggers that they are, can also add 'six-speed manual M3' to the list of things that they can enjoy and we can't. Right
We hope they fix some niggles in the production version
It's beginning to feel like the world has forgotten how to make anything but SUVs these days, but Maserati-even by its own admission-is actually fairly late to the game with this one; the Grecale is a midsized, luxury SUV
Is this a good generation for Honda’s compact sedan?
Over the past 50 years, the Honda Civic has grown far from its humble roots and obnoxiously fast and furious adolescence. Now old enough to have kids in college, the formerly wild child is now wearing some grown-up clothes, in an
Infused with the Leaf's proven reliability
Nissan's electric crossover, the Ariya, is a bit sportier to drive than some of its peers, but really, you'll be drawn to it or repelled by it because of its looks. The Japanese carmaker has gone big on the idea
A triumph of engineering
A huge accomplishment. A successor to the legendary Dino. A genius bit of technical development. A warning shot across McLaren's bows. Proof downsizing can improve the breed. Evidence that Ferrari has fully got its head around hybrid and electricity. Any and
It’s playing catch up rather than standing out
This is the bZ4X, Toyota's first attempt at a pure electric vehicle, and mild irritant for fast typers. It's a car that's been co-developed between Toyota and Subaru (Toyota doing most of the hardware), with the Subaru Solterra
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