The pros and cons
If the heat from the Philippine sun wasn't a dead giveaway, we are deep in the throes of our country's summer season. More than that, we are currently experiencing the mass exodus of people known as Holy Week. With all
Service to undergo trial in Tokyo
Are you familiar with car-sharing? As the name suggests, a car is available for use by a person on a prearranged basis. You can pick up a vehicle, drive it to a part of town, and leave it there. This makes
Strong performance in auto sector
Bosch Philippines recently held a press conference to announce the 20th anniversary of its Manila office, as well as to announce strong growth over the past fiscal year.Known for being a giant in the field of automotive systems, the German company
Good for those with hectic schedules
Toyota vehicles may be known for their reliability, but like all machines with moving parts, they have to be periodically maintained or you might find you and your car stopped in the middle of nowhere. Or worse, your ride might stall during
Read this before buying a new one
One day, you wake up and realize it's time to get a new car. Now, "new" doesn't necessarily mean "brand-spanking-out-of-the-showroom new." It could be a preloved vehicle that's going to be your parking slot'
Second one to open soon in Cavite
Bosch Philippines and Chevron Philippines have opened the very first Caltex Bosch Car Service workshop located at a Caltex service station.Located on A. Santos Avenue in Parañaque, the first Caltex Bosch Car Service workshop is a fully equipped workshop with
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