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To be used as a daily driver
Hi, Botchi. I'm looking for a new car to replace my old Honda Civic. I work for one of the country's largest financial institutions, so I am constantly whizzing about Makati, Ortigas, and my home down south.I'm considering
Try before you buy
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Buying a secondhand car can be a tricky proposition. On the one hand, you could score a great deal on a pre-loved gem
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Hi, Botchi. I'm shopping for a vehicle that I can use for a 130km daily drive (from Santa Rita NLEX to Makati via EDSA, and back) on weekdays. My choices are the Chevrolet Trax, the Ford EcoSport, the Toyota Avanza, the
Our consumer editor helps a reader
Good day. I need help with choosing a pickup truck. I am a personal trainer doing freelance training at the park, at client's homes, and in private gyms. I bring along ropes, huge tires (for slamming), suspension-training straps, and a
We discuss the pros and cons
Hi, Botchi. Let me start by explaining my motoring situation. I am an OFW who comes home every two months for a 20-day vacation. Because my family owns several cars, I just borrow a car every time I'm in the
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Hi, Botchi. I'm an avid reader of your column, but this is my first time to write.We are planning to buy a second car (we have a Mitsubishi Montero Sport), and our budget is around P800,000 to P950,000.
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Hi, Botchi. I'm selling my 2012 Honda City and planning on buying the Mazda 3 2.0-liter hatchback. I have read and watched a ton of reviews of the car, and all of them have nothing but great things to
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Hi, Top Gear Philippines. I hope all is well. I am planning to buy a new car, and I am eyeing either the Toyota Yaris or the Honda City. Can you please help me choose?Cathrine Pacada Hi, Cathrine. Thank you for
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Hi, Botchi. My husband and I are currently in search of an affordable family car because we are expecting our second baby soon. We do not know much about automobiles. Is there a sub-P1 million vehicle you can recommend?We are
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Hello, Botchi! What's the best driver's car under P1 million? It will be a gift for a college graduate who wants a fun-to-drive car. Thank you!Joel Ramos Hi, Joel. Thanks for your e-mail. Letters like this
Allow us to explain the choices
Congratulations! You're now ready for that next step in welcoming the newest baby of the family--your four-wheeled baby. And that next step is trading the bunch of bills you've set aside.You're swapping cold, hard cash for
Read this before buying a new one
One day, you wake up and realize it's time to get a new car. Now, "new" doesn't necessarily mean "brand-spanking-out-of-the-showroom new." It could be a preloved vehicle that's going to be your parking slot'
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I'm looking for a good van for my family of about 20-25 members. Are the Toyota Hiace Grandia and the Nissan Urvan any good?Thank you.Raymund FaundoHi, Mr. Faundo. Our sincerest apologies for the late reply to this. It'
So you don't waste time on the wrong ones
It's the day before V-Day, and your social-media feed is probably inundated with love articles, date-place suggestions, and classic advice stories on "finding the one." Readings about the latter inevitably end by saying that you just know when
Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Strada or Toyota Hilux?
Hello, Botchi. I'll grab this opportunity to ask you regarding the fuel efficiency in standard driving conditions of the following pickup trucks:* Isuzu D-Max LX 4x2* Mitsubishi Strada GLX 4x2* Toyota Hilux 4x2 EThis could be my second vehicle
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Hello, Top Gear Philippines. I follow your Facebook page. I'm not well-versed with cars, that's why I am sending this message. I'm planning to buy a diesel-powered personal car, with automatic transmission. I am looking for a
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Hi, Botchi. I would like to ask for your help regarding two matters. I guess these inquiries have never been published in your magazine or online column.First, I would like to ask for your help to convince my grandmother to ditch
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Hi, Top Gear! I've been an avid reader of your magazine since I got involved in our family cars. I always read Botchi's section because it really helps us consumers form an opinion on multiple cars all at once.Moving
Never piss off our Botchi
In his recent Wrong Car/Right Car online column, our consumer editor Botchi Santos dropped this line:One last comment about the Montero Sport: Don't believe in rumors about "sudden unintended acceleration" as it is, in my experience, pure hogwash. There,
Our consumer editor gives a crash course
I am about to buy a new car, but I don't know much about car ownership. My parents don't own a car and they don't even know how to drive. I search everything on the Internet, but I can'
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