They’re hardworking brand ambassadors
The Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) comes around only once every two years, so it's a really big deal. The car manufacturers involved showcase only the best of the best in their vehicle lineups, which means it makes perfect sense to
And they know the cars are the main attraction
As is common with car shows in the region (and the world), a ton of eye-catching models (of the female kind) made an appearance alongside Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) 2018's impressive showcase of vehicles, too.Surprisingly, not only are
An international mix
Admittedly, no car show is complete without models, and the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) has its own charming, gorgeous Japanese girls.Men will be boys, as they say. Rather unfortunately, the show has become infamous for lecherous men who stick their
Nice rides, pretty smiles
Ever since the first event back in 1992, the Trans Sport Show has enthralled car enthusiasts with all sorts of mod rides, custom bikes, and aftermarket goodies. Like other car shows, there are also lots of pretty girls standing next to the
Not quite love at first sight
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Car show girls are great, aren't they? Granted, they're not the main reason we attend motor shows (unlike some people). But next
Big show, exotic girls
Make no mistake. We attend motor shows for two reasons: It's part of our job, and because we love to check out anything and everything autmotive. Anything beyond that is just a bonus. That includes getting to ogle the car show
Keeping it classy
It's that time again. The 2017 Manila International Auto Show is now officially in full swing, bringing together some of the most hotly-anticipated rides from just about every major carmaker in the local auto industry. If you haven't yet,
The prettiest models from the show
At this point, booth girls have become as synonymous to motor shows as the cars themselves. While lots of car nuts will support shows without the presence of pretty models standing beside even prettier cars (right?), many will probably just lie and
Of course, cars are still the main attraction
The 2016 Manila Auto Salon will be taking place at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City for the rest of the week, giving you guys the perfect chance to check out some of the coolest rides in the Filipino car scene.
The best batch yet
The cars aren't the only beauties worth visiting at this weekend's 2016 Manila International Auto Show. We were present for the event's opening day (April 7), and we have to admit that some of the booth models made it
Adding a feminine touch to the event
One will find a lot of beauty per square meter of the vast exhibition area of the 37th Bangkok International Motor Show. In addition to the cars and the motorcycles, each exhibitor has several pretty brand representatives in the form of booth
After checking out the cars, of course
If you love cars and are into the aftermarket scene, then there's a special treat waiting for you at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay this weekend. The 2015 Manila Auto Salon is currently in full swing, and its organizers have
How do they compare to Pinays?
Automotive event organizers know fully well that the formula to a successful motor show includes a sprinkling of female beauty. And so, the ongoing 23rd iteration of the Indonesia International Motor Show is not only packed with motoring pulchritude (read: LaFerrari), it
Will you visit them this weekend?
Boys, you have more than enough reasons to visit this year's edition of the Trans Sport Show. There are restored classic beauties to check out. A bunch of modified vehicles are waiting to be posted on Instagram. Then you may finally
See what you missed
The much-awaited Avengers sequel wasn't the only must-see event last weekend. The Hot Import Nights 4 Manila car and "fashion" show was also staged at the Metrotent and Metrowalk Open Grounds in Ortigas Center.The organizers proudly brought in
On April 25-26, to be exact
As the summer heat sears our bodies and forces us to take refuge indoors, what better way to get even than by going outdoors at night? And now you have a damn good reason to.On April 25 and 26--this weekend,
Don't show this to the wife
If you're not doing anything important this weekend, the ongoing 2015 Manila International Auto Show is a great way to hang out with friends and family. First and foremost, there are new car models literally fresh from the docks. There's
Take your pick
Since time immemorial, women and motor shows have gone hand in hand. The association is as strong as tom yum soup and Bangkok, insecure teenage girls and selfies, and the Binays and money. So we're here in Thailand attending the 36th
Read what she has to say
Yesterday, we posted a survey question on our Facebook page: Would you go to a motor show that didn't have booth babes?It's for an article we're doing on car-show girls. As usual, many of our Facebook followers--
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