Have you visited the show?
It has already been said that no serious car guy visits a car show to see the car-show models, but that doesn't mean that these lovely brand ambassadors will disappear from the car-show scene anytime soon.Anyway, the 2018
They’re hardworking brand ambassadors
The Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) comes around only once every two years, so it's a really big deal. The car manufacturers involved showcase only the best of the best in their vehicle lineups, which means it makes perfect sense to
And they know the cars are the main attraction
As is common with car shows in the region (and the world), a ton of eye-catching models (of the female kind) made an appearance alongside Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) 2018's impressive showcase of vehicles, too.Surprisingly, not only are
An international mix
Admittedly, no car show is complete without models, and the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) has its own charming, gorgeous Japanese girls.Men will be boys, as they say. Rather unfortunately, the show has become infamous for lecherous men who stick their
Nice rides, pretty smiles
Ever since the first event back in 1992, the Trans Sport Show has enthralled car enthusiasts with all sorts of mod rides, custom bikes, and aftermarket goodies. Like other car shows, there are also lots of pretty girls standing next to the
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