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The motorcycle industry is booming
This is a very good year for Pinoy riders as some of the most sought-after motorbikes in the international market-from scooters to big bikes-are finally entering the country.Many old favorites are back in the scene, and several appeared
And they know the cars are the main attraction
As is common with car shows in the region (and the world), a ton of eye-catching models (of the female kind) made an appearance alongside Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) 2018's impressive showcase of vehicles, too.Surprisingly, not only are
This year's LeMons
LeMons surely needs no introduction, but if you require one, here goes. Described by the organizers as "an ugly oil stain" on Pebble Beach's stunning motoring week, it is an unashamed celebration of "hoopties, rust buckets, misfits, mistakes and the worst
We're excited for next year already
If you weren't able to drop by the 2017 Trans Sport Show last week, you missed out. The event brought together the hottest cars in the country for a showcase of modified rides, restored classics, and even a handful of motorcycles.
Start them young
Amidst the shimmering, streamlined cars on display, gorgeous models, bright lights and blasting sounds, the recently concluded spectacle that was the 2017 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) had every Pinoy petrolhead eager to see everything the auto industry had to offer.Surrounded
Massive discipline campaign eyed by MMDA
Acting Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Tim Orbos was cordial about his new confession. Initially, Orbos said he took the big increase in vehicles sales in the country last year with mixed feelings.For him, it was both good and bad.
A celebration of manhood
While the month of March is known for celebrations of everything women, last February 18 Rogin-E held a ManCon (man convention) to celebrate men who are at the top of their game. The event in Metrowalk showcased different testosterone-fueled interests
Keep an eye out for the C-HR
The Tokyo Auto Salon-one of the world's craziest displays of automotive creativity-was held last week. If you missed any updates regarding the annual event, we don't blame you; our feeds have been absolutely swamped by news from Detroit
There is no limit to automotive imagination
There's no real structure to SEMA. Where conventional motor shows have cars grouped by country, then filtered down by marque and splintered off into models on separate, well-signposted and lit stands, at SEMA cars are just drizzled around the various
Of course, cars are still the main attraction
The 2016 Manila Auto Salon will be taking place at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City for the rest of the week, giving you guys the perfect chance to check out some of the coolest rides in the Filipino car scene.
Aftermarket everywhere
It's that time of year again. And no, we're not talking about the holidays (though we're looking forward to that, too). The 2016 Manila Auto Salon is now open to visitors at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City,
Be sure to drop by this weekend
Have plans this Father's Day weekend? You might want to drop by our "Wheels & Grills" event at Bonifacio High Street, which started today and will run until Sunday, June 19. We assure you that you'd be hard-pressed to find
Are you familiar with these shops?
A couple of weeks ago, the 25th annual Trans Sport Show was held in Pasay City, and we went to check out some of the drool-worthy cars on display. Row after row of beautifully restored and modified rides made us feel
Car lust overload
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Here's a question for all the car enthusiasts out there: What's the story behind your prized possession? Truly passionate car guys will
Check out the Top Gear PH booth
In case you haven't heard, the annual Trans Sport Show is happening this weekend--starting tomorrow (May 19) until Sunday (May 22). The country's longest-running car show will be taking place at the SMX Convention Center beside SM Mall
Have you gone to this event?
For those of you who still don't know, the Manila Auto Salon is currently being held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Organizers have brought in some of the coolest rides in the aftermarket community, including some from Ian
Read what she has to say
Yesterday, we posted a survey question on our Facebook page: Would you go to a motor show that didn't have booth babes?It's for an article we're doing on car-show girls. As usual, many of our Facebook followers--
Or daughter for that matter
It\'s Father\'s Day today. To honor the man who made us the car guys we are today, we share with you the top 10 car-related activities that help bond father-and-son (or daughter) relationships. Let us know if
You've been warned
If there's one thing the coming Christmas season brings out more than Christmas cheer, it's the petty thieves who look to prey on your hard-earned 13th month bonus and any other valuable item they can get their filthy little
The most striking of the lot
The 2012 Paris Motor Show is now in full swing. As a matter of fact, associate editor Paulo Subido was fortunate enough to attend its opening last week. Since going there is hardly realistic for most of us, we thought we'd
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