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Seen one of these lately?
People choose to dress up and personalize their cars in many ways. One simple way that car owners show off their personality through their ride is by adding some car stickers on their windshield or bumper. Here some of the more common
From the guys of Motor Union of Manila
I'm a huge fan of automotive-themed clothing, but throw in a retro vibe and I just have to have it. These things are hard to come by, you know. So, when Top Gear Philippines photographer Ian Magbanua told me about
Red Bull stickers and all
Volkswagen Philippines has quietly introduced to the market the five-door Polo hatchback with a price tag of P950,000. And if you follow the World Rally Championship, you would know that the three-door Polo R WRC has won for Volkswagen
Better than those discount cards
It helps that the owner of the Victoria Court motel chain is a car guy. Ian King has just announced on his Facebook page that Victoria Court is now issuing car stickers to its clientele. "Just drive and check in at any
No sticker, no fear<br />
Feel like waiting for the last minute before renewing your car registration? This may just be the perfect time to procrastinate just a tiny bit--at least if your plate ends in "1" or "2."The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has run
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